Otterpool Newtown and Otterpool Developers,

Dear Residents,

Assuming that those behind the Otterpool Development were born with average intelligence and an open mind, a thinking person is bound to wonder at the capacity they have developed while growing up (?) to ignore the unequivocal response of thousands of local people who have made clear beyond a peradventure that the Otterpool Development is neither needed nor wanted.

Of even greater significance is the almost complete absence of evidence of community support for the development, a statutory requirement.

No amount of artists’ impressions of roads full of cyclists, pretty flower beds, willowy trees and repeated references to ‘green spaces’ and ‘visions for future transport’ alters that fact.

willowy trees otterpool


That being the case our Local Authority has no mandate, no authority per se, to proceed with the Otterpool Development having jettisoned the once proud British ethos of public service wherein elected representatives and civil servants worked for the public good. Now they do as they please filling their boots in the process.

Who are these people and what makes them think that their warped opinions on the Otterpool issues trump those of ordinary people, some of whom they claim to represent? Here we characterise them, their backgrounds and their recorded opinions about the desirability and the need for the development.

Otterpool Developers are driven to assume political power through which to accumulate money from housing development and associated activities, in the case of the Reuben Brothers and others like them, through buying and selling land for which those with political power, the connivance of our corrupt and self-serving planning authority and supine members of Parliament, are attempting to grant development rights raping the open countryside surrounding Westenhanger Castle and Racecourse, Lympne Airfield, thousands of acres of farmland and for good measure any remaining plots big enough to contain two bedrooms and a handkerchief of garden centre plants.
The level of overpopulation in southern England manifest as ever smaller dwellings built on ever smaller plots of land is resulting in increasingly crowded ground space which lies at the root of our rapidly degrading natural environment, driver of the Coronavirus debacle and its current manifestation in the form of ‘Covid 19’.

The mess we are in.

The mess we are in following Coronavirus spp. having jumped ship to emerge as a zoonotic disease in late 2019 in the form of ‘Covid 19’ in live wild animal ‘wet markets’ such as that in Wuhan in China from where the virus almost certainly emanated, is of our own making.
It is a situation of grim portent threatening all human life, requiring considerable investigative research, effort and innate intelligence to comprehend which ability is noticeably lacking in our simple minded and self-important Prime Minister who consistently fails to address the problem appropriately. Being a politician his hollow words amount to no more than dancing on the head of pin as last Sunday evening’s incomprehensible diatribe demonstrated.


The title ‘Coronavirus’ derives from the characteristic ‘crown/halo like’ image of the virus covered with ‘docking spikes’ when viewed under an electron microscope and the term ‘zoonotic’ denotes animal diseases which have through enforced direct human contact become transmissible and capable of infecting humans. A classic example being rabies.
As with ‘Spanish Flu’ – an A(H1N1) virus, ‘Asian Flu’ – an A(H2N2) virus, ‘Hongkong flu’ and ‘SARS’ virus per se – the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome typical of zoonotic viral illnesses – remembered as occurring in 2003/4, ‘Covid 19’ results from human activity which has created the conditions conducive to the Coronavirus spp. emerging from the wild as a zoonotic disease.
The medical condition commonly presented by patients suffering from the Coronavirus family of viruses is pneumonia, symptoms including heavy, dry coughing, increasing difficulty breathing, rising temperature and headache, in terminal cases resulting in the patient drowning in the build up of liquid in the lungs. Hence the present international scramble for ventilation equipment.

Influenza pandemics have occurred at intervals over decades during the 20th century, the most severe of which was the so-called “Spanish Flu” caused by an A(H1N1) virus estimated to have resulted in 20–50 million deaths in 1918–1919. Milder outbreaks occurred in 1957–1958 known as “Asian Flu” caused by an A(H2N2) virus and in 1968 H3N2 “Hong Kong Flu” was followed by H5N1 ‘Bird Flu’ in China in 1996 and 1997 and the SARS epidemic per se of 2002 to 2003.

Other than its scale, our fight in Shepway is essentially no different to that going on throughout the world.
The election of Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency of Brazil whose environmental credo is to the right of Ghengis Khan, spells disaster for the people of the world on at least two counts. Major climate change globally and the proliferation of new zoonotic viruses resulting from large scale deforestation given life in the form of the pandemic we are currently experiencing.
Bolsanoro makes no secret of his desire to open up the Amazon to mining, timber and agribusiness interests and his contempt for conservationists’ efforts, which he sees as a impediment to economic growth from cattle ranching and palm oil cultivation in Brazil.

Climate change resulting from continuing and increasing combustion of the main fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas is being significantly exacerbated by the loss of huge swathes of the Brazilian Amazon and central African rainforests while directly threatening the existence of unique species such as mountain and lowland gorillas . The Congo Basin forests span six countries – Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.
In all such areas encroaching human impact through urbanisation, road networks, the extractive industries such as logging and mining provide the circumstances for viruses to evolve zoonotically to emerge and migrate from wild animals where they normally reside without harming their hosts such as bats, to we humans who have no such immunity. Civet cats are known to have been a primary source of the SARS virus epidemic of 2003/4.

International condemnation of the Chinese practice of consuming all forms of wildlife from snakes to pangolins and bats has caused the Chinese authorities to attempt to ban the trade.
But while China’s State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA) purports to oversee and control wildlife markets such as that in Wuhan, so great is the economic and financial value of the sale and consumption of wild animals that it comprehensively fails to do so and the transfer of animal diseases to humans continues more or less unabated.

David Plumstead

Otterpool – To be, or not to be.

Over the past few weeks we have been asked how the Covid-19 situation will affect the proposed Otterpool Park housing estate.

We are not Economsits but the very fact that output across the globe has rapidly declined will have a devastating effect on the supply chains across building and civil engineering sectors.

The latest information we have is that UK construction output saw its fastest fall for almost 11 years in March as the government’s coronavirus lockdown led to stoppages on building sites and a slump in new orders.

The IHS Markit/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index dropped to 39.3 in March from 52.6 in February, against the neutral 50 reading and marking the steepest fall in output since April 2009. It should be noted that anything under 50 signals a contraction.

Emergency public health measures to halt the spread of the outbreak were overwhelmingly blamed for reduced activity.

All three broad categories of construction work saw output declining, with civil engineering activity seeing the steepest rate of decline. The residential reading came in 46.6.

Historically, it has always been the building sector that falls into recession first and always the last to come out.

Couple this with the fact that FHDC never recieved the £281 million from central Government towards infrastructure, requiring them to borrow £100 million from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) (which won’t even touch the sides of infrastructure), adding to a debt which may be a bridge too far if we see a recession turn to a depression causing permanent job losses and an ever increasing burden on the Councils Finances in dishing out housing support and associated benefits. Moreover, a reduction in Council Tax revenue would further dent the FHDC coffers.

The David Monk rhetoric that this will not be a piecemeal development has always been an absurdity, even more so now. And let’s not forget that the Core Strategy Review has to be set before an Indepedent Planning Inspector with all submissons from groups and Residents across the District taken on board before it even gets to the Otterpool application.

Hoops to be jumped for our beloved, crooked Council – Against a sea of troubles

In your Town, Village or Hamlet, have a peaceful weekend.






55 More Houses in Sellindge planned

Dear Residents,

The news has only just hit us that Gladman Property developers have opened a primary consultation which ends on Wednesday, 1st April (No, it’s not an April fools day joke) to build 55 houses opposite Moorstock Lane in Sellindge. Please go the Consultation board on the Gladman website where you will find the flyer that was distributed around Sellindge today, 28th March, 2019:

With the lockdown now in place to tackle Covid-19, it would appear that Gladman is manouvering to dodge any opposition from local Residents to the proposed scheme. We would suggest that you contact your local Councillors as well as Gladman Developments to vent your opprobrium at such a deplorable attempt to sneak this under the radar at a time when Residents focus is litererally staying alive and caring for loved ones, neighbours and friends.

Councillors details:

Jenny Hollingsbee

Home address: 


Swan Lane

Sellindge, Ashford

TN25 6EB

Mobile:  07887 918458

Bus. email:


Susan Carey

Home address: 

North House

116A North Road

Hythe, Kent

CT21 5DY

Phone:  01303 670561

Bus. email:


Gladmans reputation precedes them. According to the Daily Mail, Gladman Developments bankrolled farmers seeking permission to build on their fields. Will they stop at nothing or stoop so low to turn a profit?

Just to put you in the picture about Gladman, here’s just a few reviews which are currently in the public domain.

More will follow as things develop.


Gladman House, Alexandria Way, Congleton
Write a review

Patricia Chamberlain

a month ago
This company have absolutely no intention of improving the environment. They lie when they say they will improve the countryside when in actual fact they destroy it, chopping down trees and hedrows plus building on land that is know to …More

Jon Finn

4 months ago
They have no interest in communities . There only interest is making money . If I could score zero I would !

Charlie McKeon

10 months ago


a year ago
Gladman are trying to get planning for agricultural land near us, their consultation documents are a joke, they have not researched the local area at all, most of what they have come up with is simply not true, and the statements that they …More

Tony Barton

a year ago
Greedy, selfish, destructive, unethical….. There are so many words which can be used to describe Gladman Developments. None are positive – if you’re reading these reviews then you’ll know all about them. I hope as many people as possible …More

Justine Bennett

a year ago
Disgusting immoral company who have absolutely no regard for green belt land and are looking to destroy the countryside county by county. Say bye to Villages with these cowboys about, as they want to make sure everywhere is overcrowded just to line their pockets. PURE GREEDY SCUM!

Michael Matthews

a year ago
This company is as I type are on the verge of destroying our local community. They have/intend to build in excess of 1,000 homes on greenfield sites. A small market town whose facilities cannot cope with such a massive development. …More

Harry Gravel

a year ago
My parents signed up their land three years ago with this awful company, they’ve sat on it and done nothing with it, a complete waste of time and put us back to start with it all. Obviously have too much going on to dedicate the time needed!

Brett Simpson

a year ago
A company built on greed and detemined to destroy villiages and green belt far far away from them. They are trying to develop 150 houses in my village which is clearly not built to house anymore people and will cause more build up of …More

Graeme Richardson

a year ago
The lowest of the low – they care nothing for the communities they are helping to destroy. They’re only interested in lining their own pockets. Gladman = GREED GREED GREED.

Sarella Chalkley

a year ago
Determind to destroy our countryside – Greedy and unethical.

Mark Davis

a year ago


Original review: Not at all impressed by the actions of this company or the sneaky tactics they employ: They are attempting to build homes on a Greenfield site, …More


Ben Jackson

a year ago
David Gladman is such a wonderful human being. He robs from the rich to give to the poor. Evidence what he says on his website about providing homes for nurses. What, I hear you say, but the houses built on his schemes are at least 10 times …More

Graeme Fayers

a year ago
KERCHING! And the pound signs flash in his eyes. Spawn of the Devil.

James Illingworth

a year ago
Only one word needed, SCUM….

David Gill

a year ago
Destroying the country. The very worst kind of business.


a year ago
Despicable business, destroying the country because of greed, would give 0 stars if could

John Barrow

2 years ago
Pure evil. Destroying the country for profit. The lowest of the low.

Richard Harmer

2 years ago

Gladman Developments

Are spoiling our countryside for massive profits…


Martyn Baldwin

2 years ago
Destroying other parts of the country hundreds of miles from there offices ruining local towns and countryside

Jason Davis

a year ago
Greedy gits for destroying green belt and agricultural land

Ugandan Men

a year ago
garbage company

Diane A

2 years ago
Great place to work




Dear Residents,

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic it’s heartening to see that local Parishes are taking the lead in offering local help for local people. Here is just one example of the Parish of Monks Horton taking the initiative and providing a community help line to ease the stress on our elderley and most vulnerable.


Monks Horton Parish Meeting.

Supporting our local commmunity through the Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency.

Dear Residents of Monks Horton,


I imagine that each of us is aware of the dreadful Coronavirus COVID-19 that is having such a drastic and tragic impact on almost every country in the World at the moment. The purpose of this message is not to repeat the information nor advice that is available from many official sources but to see what we can do as good neighbours to support each other and to provide
practical help if needed.
Based on the Government advice of today (Tuesday 17 March 2020) it is clear that some members of our community will need to spend at least one or two weeks in social isolation at home and our older, vulnerable and pregnant residents may soon be advised to stay at home and to avoid all social contact for possibly at least 12 weeks. Such limitations on human contact may lead to practical needs, social isolation and emotional upset.

What some of us can do.

We should each try to be conscious of our neighbours’ situations, being particularly aware of those who may be more vulnerable and we should think about whether we are able to offer them any support. Such support could be, for instance:
• making contact with them by a phone call, regularly or now and again: “Hello, how are you – is there anything that you need?”
• perhaps leaving items of medication or shopping on the doorstep,
• or posting their mail.
Such simple acts of thoughtfulness and kindness can make all the difference and can be done
without putting either party at risk. Remember, sadly, this activity may need to continue for some months – it is a long time for people to have no social contact or to feel isolated and lonely.
If each of us is able to make contact in the next day or so with our nearby neighbours, sharing phone numbers and perhaps email addresses, we can get a practical support plan in place in good time as Government introduces these measures. Please see the attached forms.
It would be a sensible idea, where there are clusters of homes, perhaps to agree that one person volunteers to co-ordinate the contact arrangements, trying to make sure that no-one is forgotten.

Useful contacts

Listed below are a number of organisations that are also able to offer assistance in what is going to be a difficult and challenging few weeks.

NHS 111 – Telephone 111 or visit the website

Age UK Hythe and Lyminge – 63 Station Rd, Lyminge, Folkestone CT18 8HQ Telephone 01303 269602 – or email

The Silver Line – the helpline for older people
Call them ANYTIME on: 0800 4 70 80 90 or visit the website

The Silver Line is a free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They have a page on Coronavirus advice.

Government website

Please, try to help. If you have any other ideas about how the community could support itself please contact me Donald Broad Chairman, Monks Horton Parish Meeting 01303 814169.

Many elderley or vulnerable people may be reluctant to answer the door during these most extraordinary times. May we suggest a simple note through the door similar to the one noted here:

Hello Neighbour…

My name is.. 

I live nearby at…
My phone number is…
My email…
If you would like me to keep in touch with you over the coming weeks of isolation due to the Coronavirus emergency please phone me and let me have your telephone number. You are not alone.


As for the selfish idiots queing outside supermarkets and stripping the shelves of near everything, our prayers will be for you and your greedy friends, acquaintances and accomplices tonight.

Take good care and may your God go with you.


Shogun Showdown

The Corporate Director at Folkestone and Hythe District Council for Otterpool Park is John Bunnett. He will be holding the £100,000,000 to spend as he, along with Andy Jarrett, thinks fit.  Is that a good move?

As we understand it, our good friends at Shepwayvox have been taking flak from certain Council employees for exposing the actions of senior Council staff.

Let’s face it, if any local Government employee being paid from the public purse kicks back against being scrutinised alarm bells should ring. Here’s what the Shepwayvox team has to say about Mr. John Bunnett:

And don’t forget to read the comments.

Well done Shepwayvox.



Climate Change – Kent in firing line.

Dear Residents,

Climate change is in the news almost daily.  With David Attenborough calling on China to take the lead as western governments stand back, or even denying that there is a climate emergency, it’s easy to be confused about what is really going on.

The event publicised below is an opportunity for you to find out what is happening behind the headlines and to find out what you can do about it, locally.Climate Catastrophe Leaflet A5 jpg-page-001 (1)



There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes, but there is almost a free drink. If you’re family income is less than £16,105 per annum and your water bill is over £100.60 you should be applying for a reduction in your water bill from Affinity Water. Here’s what Affinty Water are saying:

If you qualify, your water charges will be fixed at £100.60 per year from 1st April 2019 (not applicable for the sewerage element of your bill). If your current water charge is less than £100.60 you may not qualify. Please note that the tariff is applied and calculated from the date your application is received and cannot be backdated. You will need to upload supporting documents from either your computer or smartphone. If you are unable to provide your documents in this way, please call us on 0345 357 2406.

And here’s the link to apply for the Low Income Fixed Tariff – LIFT:

Please share this information via social media, tell your friends and family or anyone that you think may qualify.

If you are outside of the Affinity Water area, please contact us for help.

Good luck.




Many of us will be voting next Thursday on National Issues, some of us on local issues. Our group, as always, is focusing on local issues which will affect our way of life within the District of Folkestone and Hythe.

Last Wednesday we emailed three of the four main candidates (4.12.19) standing in the General Election to ask their views on the proposed Otterpool Park development. Here are the emails received:

Laura Davison. Labour.

I am opposed to the Otterpool development. We urgently need to tackle the housing crisis we face through a programme of council house and genuinely affordable home building. At the November full council meeting I voted against drawing down £100 million for the Otterpool project. At a time when we have local people facing eviction, homelessness and poverty these sums are unthinkable. As your MP I would work together with local people to solve these problems not ignore you and ride roughshod over your wishes. Labour created the concept of the Green Belt and we will defend it. 

Georgina Treloar. Green Party.

At the last full council meeting I voted against the £100m drawdown because I could not see anything in the report that ensured that the development would be 100% environmentally sustainable and carbon zero.

I understand that the council must meet housing targets. But, we’ve also declared a climate and ecological emergency. I need to know that if I’m voting for any development of that scale, that it would be an absolute exemplar in terms of mitigating for and adapting to climate change. There’s nothing in the current plans and setup that guarantees this.

I’m also not comfortable with the council shouldering such a large financial risk. And I’d like to see a greater commitment to affordable housing provision.

Simon Bishop. Liberal Democrat.

No reply received.

Damian Collins. Conservative Party.

Mr. Collins’ views on the proposed Otterpool Park development is well known and is in line with FHDC. Build Otterpool Park over farmland, build on Princes Parade and build a truck park on Stanford West.

Henry Bolton. Independent. 

Opposed to Otterpool Park as well as Princes Parade and the Stanford West Truck Park. More information:

Rohen KapurYoung People’s Party.

Views unknown on Otterpool Park. More information:

Colin Menniss. Social Democrat Party.

Views unknown on Otterpool park. More information:

Andy Thomas. Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Views unknown on Otterpool Park. More information:


Previous generations of our great country have sacrificed much to enable each and every one of us to cast a vote. Please take the time to exercise your democratic right.




We are all familiar with the expression ‘It’s a no brainer’. These were the words uttered by Councillor Ian Meyers (UKIP) prior to voting to support the motion by Councillor Monk to borrow 100 million pounds last Wednesday (20.11.19) to fund the Otterpool 12,000 dwelling Housing Estate. It should be noted that the remaining FHDC cabinet members all voted in line with Councillor Meyers except for Deputy Leader Jenny Hollingsbee who declared that she wouldn’t be partaking in the vote due to a significant interest near to the border of the planned development.

That very same evening it was the turn of the full Council to show their support for the Monk motion to borrow 100 million pounds.

It may come as no surprise to you that Cllr. Wimble (IND), Cllr. Mullard (UKIP) and all Conservative Councillors voted to support the motion. But here’s the thing; 1 Green Party Councillor, Rebecca Shoob also showed her support and voted for the motion, with John Wing (Green Party) abstaining.  It should be noted that Cllr Wing recently won the seat of Hythe Rural which includes Lympne; an area whose residents are vehemently opposed to the Otterpool development.

Prater  Cllr John Wing 2 Cllr Rebecca Shoob

Would it also surprise you that Councillor Tim Prater (Lib Dem) also showed his support and voted with the Conservatives when previous comments made by Cllr. Prater suggested that Otterpool Park was purely a cash cow for FHDC. It was only last year that the local Lib Dem Chairman, Ross Clark, stood on a platform with us and declared the Lib Dem’s opposition to the Otterpool development alongside other representatives from UKIP, Labour and The Green Party.

So there you have it: 15 for, 10 against.

Et tu, Brute.



For more on this, please visit our friends at:

Otterpool Park Update: The Council grants itself £100,000,000.