It’s official: No Stanford Truck Park required.

A caller to LBC recently stated that there are now 150 pop up truck parks across the UK, as well as mainland Europe, where drivers can register their loads prior to entering the port of Dover. The clear message is: DON’T ENTER KENT UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE SO. Listen to the short conversation between the caller and Ian Dale. There is no more to be said.





Your opinions and thoughts do matter. Don’t keep them to yourselves.

FHDC planning has said that the date for comments has been extended beyond the date set by the minimum statutory requirement.  They say….

“Please make any comments by 27 May 2019. Failure to respond to this date may jeopardise the chances of your comments being considered in determining this application.”

That date has now passed and hopefully you will have made your views known to FHDC planners.

But we also know that this is a very complicated and enormous proposal.  You might think of something else you wish you had said about it; you might read something another resident has said and want to add to that.

Just because the date has passed does not mean that that is an end to it.  It is very likely that further information will be added to the submission documents, and that those will have to be put out for public consultation on their own account.

If you want to add something keep on sending your comments in.  

Or if you missed the ‘deadline’ for some reason still send your comments in.  

Keep on writing.

Let them ignore you at their peril.

For commenting on the outline planning application Y19/0257/FH for Otterpool Park the email addresses to use are …..

For more general questions and enquiries you could try emailing these two addresses…

A thought here is that the planning department will not enter into a correspondence with you from your comments on the application, but the promoters of the scheme might do.

Certainly they are both inviting questions about the development. Try not to disappoint them!

Pillory Barn

If you have a question or would like to learn more about the development and masterplanning process, please contact our marketing partner Pillory Barn on 01622 684407 or email

Pillory Barn is a Public Relations company employed to handle marketing/PR for the project. (They were filming at the two latest events. Have a look on their website to get an idea of what they do.) )

Folkestone & Hythe District Council offers this:-

Any comments or questions should be emailed to:

Whatever you send in, please remember to copy your comments to us at

It really does help us to know what you have to say about this, and what is important to you. If there are things you like about it we need to know that too.  

Keep on writing! Otterpool Park is a 30 year long project! They’ll have plenty of time to read your comments. 



The weather was fine without a cloud in the sky for the Westenhanger Otterpool exhibition, but where were the masses of the Silent majority that support the building of a commuter, dormitory town as espoused by deputy leader Jenny Hollingsbee?

It was PR company ‘Pillory Barn’ headed by Managing Director, Miranda Chapman that were on site to meet and greet local residents as they slowly drifted in to see the wonderful world of Otterpool – an experience that lived up to be, well, probably the worst one of the four exhibitions to date.

Surprisingly, there were no feedback cards to hand back with residents comments and little real expertise on site; just the usual lightly briefed mouthpieces espousing the usual diatribe for the Monk cabal. Is it worth mentioning that Miranda Chapman is also a Director of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce!

And if you’re wondering where the onsite FHDC representatives were, there were none. It’s true that a number of Councillors visited the exhibition but their visit was fleeting compared to our team that pitched up at 1pm and left at 7.45pm.

To get to the crux of the matter the exit poll revealed the following:

Of the 164 people canvassed, 38 offered no comment on the development, 9 people were in favour and 117 people were against the development.

Calculated in percentage terms, only 7.69% of people attending the exhibition were in favour of Otterpool Town. The 38 people that offered no comment are not included in the calculation.

Please don’t forget that the clock is ticking on the planning application date for comments to be registered. Your comments must be in by 27th May.

If you want to comment on the current planning application you can do this directly through the on-line system, but there are limitations on the number of characters/words you can use, and the system does time out without saving so that could be frustrating.

You might find it easier to simply send your thoughts in an email to

…and we would find it helpful if you would send a copy of your email to us ( at the same time, and we can see and collate what issues are the most important to you.

Start your email with the application reference number,


And say either

“I object to this application.”

Or if you really feel this way,

“I support this application”

and then go on to say what you want to say in more detail.



This is a list of common aspects that are considered relevant, but it is not exhaustive.  The most important thing is that you should say simply and clearly just what you think about it.

A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account in deciding a planning application or on an appeal against a planning decision.

Material considerations can include (but are not limited to):

  • Overlooking/loss of privacy

  • Loss of light or overshadowing

  • Parking

  • Highway safety

  • Traffic

  • Noise

  • Effect on listed building and conservation area

  • Layout and density of building

  • Design, appearance and materials

  • Government policy

  • Disabled persons’ access

  • Proposals in the Development Plan

  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

  • Nature conservation

However, issues such as loss of view, or negative effect on the value of properties are not material considerations……. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t say it, ….and the impact on views into or out of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a material consideration, … just say what is in your heart!

Until the next time.



Dear Residents,

The farce continues.

We are all being treated to another round of sham consultations organised by the Monk Cabal, aka Folkestone and Hythe District Council alongside his well paid consultants.

Thursday, 16 May, 2pm to 7.30pm, at Westenhanger Castle, Stone Street, Hythe, CT21 4HX

Friday, 17 May, 2pm to 7.30pm, at the Channel Suite, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, CT20 2DZ

The Otterpool Park New Town super tanker has been slowed recently by the torpedo from Central Government pulling the plug on the Housing Infrastructure fund of £281,000,000, leaving the Council open mouthed and red faced. Could it be that Mr. Monk is relying upon his rich co developer, Cozumel (Offshore) Estates, aka The Reuben Brothers, to cough up the dosh?  They may just be able to afford it with their worth to be £18.664bn according to the recently published ‘Rich List’. The Sunday Times ranked The Reuben Brothers at number 2 in the official ‘Rich list.’

The fact remains that this Government supported Garden Town notion is meant to be community led. We have never been asked if we wanted it, in fact, 27 Parish Councillors told FHDC that they didn’t want it almost 3 years ago and still the Council pushed on against democracy.

This is your chance, once again, to tell them what they can do with their new town. Ask the question: Why weren’t we asked if we wanted a massive housing estate linking our villages. Why have you pushed ahead with it with less than 3% support.

If you’re asked to comment on paper, write: Not required, not wanted. We already have 14,560 homes for local people in the pipeline. We do not need any more. These are only our suggestions. Please say and write what you feel.

See you there.




Dear Residents,

By now you will all be aware that Leader David Monk has done a deal with 2 UKIP and 1 Independent Councillors to enable the 13 Conservative seats to become the controlling 16 against the 14 of Labour, Greens and Lib Dems.

On the 4th April we asked you to contact the candidates standing in the recent local election and ask their views on issues that are important to you. It would appear that that message was not heeded.

Many of you blindly voted for the tribe that you trusted to do the right thing with regard to the Environment, Housing development, Social housing, etc, etc. Unfortunately, many of you are now kicking yourselves for being so trusting of certain individuals to represent your views, incredulous that three of those candidates have now decided to join the David Monk cabal, leaving the newly elected Greens, Labour and Lib Dems in the minority.

David Wimble stood as an ‘Independent’ in the New Romney ward and easily won with 1032 votes. As an Independent did anyone bother to ask if he would metaphorically jump into bed with David Monk at the first opportunity to counter the Greens, Labour and Lib Dems?

As for the two UKIP Councillors, Ian Meyers and Terry Mullard, the same could be said of them, both siding with Monk, but why should any of you have been suspicious of their intentions in relation to mass development across the district, including Otterpool Town? The UKIP manifesto, pertaining to development,  clearly states:

It should be possible to build one million new houses on brownfield sites. We will offer grants to bring this land into use.

• We will increase the supply of housing by identifying long-term dormant land held by central and local government that can be released.

• To ease the immediate problem, we will encourage the building of modular housing, made by British companies, which is inexpensive to build and highly energy efficient.

• UKIP will abolish Stamp Duty (see section on Taxation) thereby saving house buyers £16.2bn per annum.

This manifesto flies in the face of what the Conservative Party have in store for us by building over farmland, duplicitously purchased to the detriment of our environment and villages.

Do we think that Ian Meyers and Terry Mullard are renegades within UKIP? Will they ever be trusted again when the electorates’ vote was clearly a vote against the deplorable Leader David Monk. Should you wish to contact the 3 Councillors and ask why they have taken the action that they have, here are their contact details:

link to details of Councillor Ian Meyers
Councillor Ian Meyers

Romney Marsh Ward


Leader – UKIP Group

link to details of Councillor Terence Mullard
Councillor Terence Mullard

Romney Marsh Ward


link to details of Councillor David Wimble
Councillor David Wimble

New Romney Ward



Ashford Borough Council Results.

A great night for the ‘Ashford Independent’s’ who are now the official opposition to the Conservatives.

A special thanks goes out to Linda Harman who attended our Mass Rally in Hythe last Saturday, 27th April, supporting our campaign against Otterpool Park.

Linda, contesting the Saxon Shore ward, beat Jane Martin (Con. 410 votes) into second place with 528 votes as an ‘Ashford independent’.

Linda is also a member of Aldington Parish Council so look forward with sharing information across borders. Well done Linda.


Conservative: 26  Ashford Independent: 11  Labour: 7  Green: 2  Independent: 1

Lib Dems and UKIP have no seats.




The Official election results: Folkestone and Hythe District Election 2019:

pdf icon Declaration of result – Broadmead district ward [14kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – Cheriton district ward [15kb]

pdf icon Declaration of results – Folkestone Central district ward [16kb]

pdf icon Declaration of results – Folkestone Harbour district ward [15kb]

pdf icon Declaration of results – North Downs East district ward [15kb]

pdf icon Declaration of results – North Downs West district ward [14kb]

pdf icon Declaration of results – Romney Marsh district ward [15kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – Walland and Denge Marsh district ward [16kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – East Folkestone district ward [16kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – Hythe district ward [15kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – Hythe rural district ward [14kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – New Romney district ward [14kb]

pdf icon Declaration of result – Sandgate and West Folkestone district ward [14kb]


Since the announcement of two senior council members having offshore bank accounts was posted, speculation has been rife. Many Residents have already pointed the finger as to who it could be. We are now naming them. According to ‘Shepwayvox’ they are:

Conservative Leader David Monk and Deputy Leader Jennifer Hollingsbee of Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

Monk and Hollingsbee
Councillors Monk and Hollingsbee, pictured together, celebrating success in a past election as Conservative candidates.

Mr. Monk, at present, is both a District and Kent County Councillor and is standing in the Folkestone Central ward hoping to be re-elected next Thursday 2nd May.

Mrs. Hollingsbee is Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and, she too, is hoping to be re-elected in the North Downs West ward next Thursday.

Is it justified for Councillors holding public office to have such accounts and, is it right that such accounts do not appear in their ‘Register of Interests’? In the name of transparency, we only ask the question.

It is not against the law to hold offshore accounts, nor do we imply that both Councillors have done anything illegal.


MASS RALLY, HYTHE. 27th April, 2019.

No OTTERPOOL TOWN was the theme of the event with banners displayed, drums banged and whistles blown along Hythe High Street. Police were in attendance that helped the flow of the march through the town, holding up the traffic, putting safety first for all those attending. A big thank you goes out to Kent Police.

A rallying call went out to all candidates standing in next Thursdays election and, the candidates didn’t disappoint.

David Plumstead, co-organiser, was first up concentrating on environmental issues. With water a major concern, or lack of it in the region, it would be difficult to see how Affinity Water could supply the homes already agreed in the local plan. With the Housing infrastructure fund of £281,000,000 denied from central Government, FHDC are already kicking their heels probably relying on their offshore bedfellows Cozumel Estates to cough up the cash. Fat chance of that with a 50/50 collaboration agreement in place.

Labour, The Green Party, UKIP,  The Foundation Party and one Independent candidate all hit the mark with comments about localism and representing the majority view within the District. They were all given a fair crack of the whip with each and every candidate receiving applause from supporters across the board. Tribalism was clearly consigned to the dustbin on the day creating an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.

Handful of protesters
A handful of protesters assembling for the Rally.

Jim Martin, standing as Green Party candidate, clearly spoke out against the Conservative undemocratic regime saying “vote for anyone next Thursday, but don’t vote Conservative. Supported by Lesley Whybrow, also standing as a Green Party candidate in Hythe, the message was one of the same. News of Princes Parade can be viewed here:

Representing Labour, Christopher Deane made the point that exorbitant profits were being made by PLC builders of over £60,000 on a property worth £213,000.  Michelle Dorrell (Labour) spoke passionately about inflated house prices leaving local residents, on a local salary, floundering when it came to stepping on to the property ladder. Council house building has been pitiful under this Conservative Council.

Bryan Rylands standing as an Independent pulled no punches when it came to exposing two very senior Councillors at FHDC with offshore bank accounts. He named and shamed them both leaving the crowd open mouthed and angry. We will leave it to you all to check out the publication on the Shepwayvox website over the coming days:

Liz Phillips representing the UK Independence Party spoke passionately about representing the people of the North Downs West ward. Clearly up to speed with the environmental damage that a commuter town would bring, the message was more than clear. Speaking for the issues within the ward she said “It’s a NO to Otterpool and a NO to the Lorry Park.”

A new party on the block is The Foundation Party. Mary Lawes, is a tireless campaigner and a stalwart in supporting our campaigns.  Mary (formerly UKIP and Independent) is already a District Councillor for the Folkestone Harbour ward so will be campaigning on her existing track record notably recognised by her loyal constituents.

Les Barratt, Co chairman of Sellindge & District Residents Association said “We set out to achieve the goal of bringing our campaign back into the media spotlight. With Meridian News in attendance alongside  local press, the coverage was fantastic. If the Council think we’ve gone away or suffering from campaign fatigue they are very much mistaken. Support from political parties and independent groups is now more solid than ever. We are now stepping up our campaign to tackle the Otterpool application. Watch this space.”

To all those foot soldiers who distributed leaflets and displayed posters; a massive THANK YOU. We also had support from Carol and Peter, owners of Potten Farm, Sellindge –  THANK YOU for displaying  our posters so enthusiastically. A prime example of local business supporting local issues, for local people. Well done.









The Letter.

Dear Residents,

Last March a local Parish Councillor wrote to our Prime Minister, Theresa May, concerning the effect that a Commuter Town would have upon the District. He also cited reasons why certain Councillors are not fit for purpose with allegations of taking bribes against a number of them. The matter still has to be fully investigated. We stress that these are only allegations. However, Kent Police have issued a crime reference number. The letter was endorsed by local residents, Parish and District Councillors as well as a Kent County Councillor. Please click the link to view.

Letter to Theresa May Feb 2018

The response issued was the usual diatribe that we have come to expect. Did you spot the spelling mistake? Ms Price almost got it right.

RESPONSE Shipway(3)



response-shipway-2 (R)