Westenhanger Castle Towers over Otterpool. Or does it?

How often have we heard our beloved Council leader, David Monk, tell us that Westenhanger Castle will be the ‘Jewel in the Crown‘ of the Otterpool Town development. We’ve lost count !

Our Council tell us that:

Westenhanger Castle is a Scheduled Monument and grade 1 listed building in a significant location with the opportunity to contribute distinctive identity for the key open space of the
garden town’.

It now turns out that Westenhanger Castle isn’t even within the boundary of the Otterpool development, but we now hear that the red boundaty line will be changed to include Westenhanger Castle, with the Local Planning Authority and the applicant amending the application to allow a consultation period at that stage. FHDC hope it will be later in the year, but bearing in mind the Core Strategy Review needing to run its course, it could even be early next year.

So why wasn’t the Castle included within the boundary line the moment the purchase was completed by FHDC? How does this affect the Otterpool application in terms of resubmission and, moreover, the recently concluded Core Strategy Review. Was the Castle left outside of the boundary for reasons other than an oversight?

We simply ask the question.

Let’s see the response.


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