Deadline to have your say – 3rd July.

Dear Residents,

Time to shape your community.

Our post of 4th June expressed an urgency for you all to respond by 12th June to register to speak at the Core Strategy Review. We know that some of you are reluctant to speak in public so, we are now reminding you that you can send in a written statement to state your opinion on the Core Strategy Review, but you’d better be quick: the deadline is this coming Friday, 3rd July.

You must contact, preferably by email, Caroline Williams. Caroline is the Programme Officer based at FHDC and is very helpful. The guidance notes for residents to make written statements are set out below:

The Core Strategy Review Submission Draft is here:

And lastly, we understand that working through the above can be time consuming and daunting. Are we expected to follow the due process and respond in Council/Planning speke? We would say probably not. If you have concerns over a proposed development near you or can see that infrastructure is failing even before it starts, now is the time to raise those concerns. If you are having trouble following the process, please contact Caroline on 01303 853376 or email:



2 thoughts on “Deadline to have your say – 3rd July.

  1. Is that Gladman or Badman??? The owners of the company obviously have no intention of living here, or becoming sick and needful of a doctor’s appointment. I have lived here since 1966, and although it is unreasonable to expect no development at all, it seems that Sellindge has been the target of all that is bad. These are the things I think of : The motorway, the high speed rail line, the electricity converter station, the extensive growth of housing, and the feeling that those in control could not give a damn about us. They seem to ride roughshod over any public display of concern.
    I suppose it is easier for them as we live on the edge of the constituency boundary. Easily out of sight !!!
    It is not that the people of the area do not want progress, but the threat in the past of things like the Lorry Park at Stanford, and the Digester complex opposite the Airport Cafe, show the distain they have for us. Older people died whilst all this was going on, their last years blighted by worry about their environment and the dropping value of homes they have invested their lives in.

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