Otterpool Exhibition

Set out below is an invitation for the residents of Monks Horton to attend and comment on the Otterpool Park planning application. It seems that the Parish of Monks Horton wasn’t included in circular that went to other parishes detailing the plan and exhibition.

It matters not as to where you reside across Kent or indeed the UK, all are invited to comment and get along to the exhibition and make your views known. Here be the invitation:

Dear Residents,

Apologies for the rather short notice, but it has come to my attention, via Kent Online,

that there is a significant development about the proposed Otterpool Park New Town that is to be built near us.  

The amended outline planning application has been submitted for 8,500 homes and is now out for consultation, with comments and responses by 24 June 2022. There is a huge amount of information to be absorbed so you may find it more helpful to visit the Public Exhibition of the amended outline planning application which is to be held at Westenhanger Castle, next Thursday 19 May, from 12.00pm to 8pm.  The exhibition should provide an opportunity to understand better the proposals and to ask questions.

Below is a pdf of the Otterpool Park Guide to the Planning Application.Below is the link to the Planning Application where you can view documents, read people’s comments and make your own comments to the Council.

Kind Regards,
Donald Broad
Monks Horton Parish Meeting

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