Council Turncoats.

On the 16th September, an Extraordinary Full Council meeting was convened at the Civic Centre to discuss the Places and Policies Local Plan. The plan was approved 17 votes to 12 with 1 abstention. It’s interesting to note that 3 of the votes ‘For’ came from 3 members that locals would describe as ‘turncoats’. Voting alongside the Conservatives, Cllr. Wimble (Ind), Cllr Meyer and Mullard (both UKIP) showed their support for the plan to swing the vote to the Conservatives, led by Cllr. David Monk. The electorate put their faith in these 3 Councillors at the last election to curb the seemingly rampant developments across the District, halting the Tory stronghold within the cabinet. Our friends at Shepwayvox reported on the meeting in great detail here:

FHDC pass Local Plan and Central Govt propose 1043 homes per year for our district.


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