Yesterday afternoon it was announced that a 27 acre clearance facility/Lorry Park is to be buit at Junction 10A, just off the M20 at Ashford.

You may remember that the site at Stanford West was earmarked for a Lorry park which was heavily supported by Conservative MP, Damian Collins (FHDC) and Dover MP, Charlie Elphicke. Local Councillors Hollingsbee and Carey (both Conservative) also gave weight to the development stating that it was of national importance and therefore could not be stopped. Well, it was. Mr. John Forge of Westenhanger Castle set about with a Judicial Review and won the day. Thanks to the Government and the apparatchiks mentioned above, 15 million quid was lost from the public purse on consultants and exploratory works – taxpayers money.

Residents of Stanford and surrounding villages cited many reasons for not building the worlds biggest Lorry park between tiny Kent villages and, from our own research found that it would have caused more congestion along the M20 and local roads given that Junction 11 would have been closed at the time of  operation. In the end, Highways England conceded that it would have never worked.

So, here we have the story from The Guardian Newspaper.

More confirmation that Stanford et environs will be spared the industrial onslaught that our sio-disant representatives had in mind for us all.

Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “STANFORD NO GO – SENT TO MOJO

  1. Hi, I thought I must reply to the lorry park situation at Ashford. When it was proposed in Stanford and Sellindge, our beloved MP Damian Collins wasn’t at all interested what effect it would have on housing and the natural surroundings; in fact, quite the reverse. Now it’s proposed in Ashford, Damian Green is full of it, about the effect on housing and the lovely land it’s gobbling up. I think we’ve got a pair of hypocrite’s, supposedly, leading us. Time for a change, I think.


  2. This implied lorry park wherever it goes is not in the interest of the residents regardless of location, a Customs clearance is one thing but to encourage mass HGV parking is another, while the proposed use of the intended site could be within the unintended boundaries of the planning permission as granted but this is only a technicality, the original use of this was industrial development, it was never intended to accommodate such a large dose of environmental pollution created by HGV’s, I was a Councillor in Sevington for 27 years and resisted this kind of development along with Borough Councillor Paul Bartlett, Paul was previously always opposed to this overwhelming style of development, I then moved to Stanford and again was confronted with an HGV park in my back garden, we should all sympathise with Sevington on this problem, it dose not matter where this goes the environmental impact will be devastating, the fact it is not in our back garden should not encourage the imposition on any other individuals or residential locations, the latest Sevington location is just a political manoeuvre to circumvent any form of critical inspection of the implied long term use of the site at Sevington, Regardless of any personal opinion related to our local MP’s, at least Damien Green is making an effort to represent his Mersham and Sevington electorate which is more that can be said about Damien Collins regarding his Stanford and Sellindge electorate when the HGV parking was proposed.


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