Lorry Park


With no discussion whatsoever with local communities, it was announced that the UK’s largest lorry park is to be built at Stanford West, Kent, at a cost of £250 million. This concrete monster will destroy 250 acres of countryside and blight the lives of local communities. We have offered the smarter options, but are we are being heard? Highways England have already admitted that a lorry park of this size would never solve the problem encountered in the summer of 2015 when 9000 lorries were stacked on the M20. Our own investigations and research has shown that a 3,600 space lorry park would actually make local traffic problems even worse.

Eurotunnel says a giant lorry park won’t fix stack.
The Port of Dover says a giant lorry park won’t fix stack.
Existing lorry park operators say it won’t work.
The British International Freight Association says it won’t work.

For more information on exactly why it won’t work, please see here at the SOS Kent website.