With the coming District election looming, we are encouraging residents to let us have their views on their very own Ward Councillor’s. Some would call it a wall of shame, others would regard it as an information hub as to who vote for next May. We like the tag: Wall of Shame, Hall of Fame. Either way, we would love to here your comments, good or bad, with supporting evidence of shameful deeds or congratulatory outstanding achievements. It’s your District, It’s your voice.

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link to details of Councillor David Monk  Leader David Monk. Folkestone Central Ward (Conservative). Councillor Monk qualifies for the wall of  shame on many issues, but the fact that he will not attend public meetings pertaining to the proposed Otterpool Park New Town of 12,000 houses thereby not representing the majority view, means that he is top of the tree regarding residents opprobrium towards him.

Further comments made against Cllr. Monk: D Monk is top of the name and shame list in my book: Parking meters on Princes Parade installed, endangering peoples lives, the cost to resite them which we, as Council tax payers have to pay, The lame excuse for building across the district is for him to say ‘nobody goes there, so let’s build on it’. ‘Mud is brown, so it’s a brownfield site’. ……….Horrible man.

HollingsbeeCareyJenny Hollingsbee and Susan Carey. North Downs West Ward (Conservative).
Like leader Councillor David Monk they are a complete waste of space and traitors to all of the residents of Folkestone and Hythe, especially Sellindge and our surrounding areas, (North Downs West Ward) who, they are duty bound to support and represent. Do they represent us? I fear they have not an inkling of what their remit and responsibilities are since there has been no evidence of that to date, but plenty to illustrate their own agenda’s for whatever reasons they may be. The sooner they are all out of office the better.


link to details of Councillor Clive Goddard Councillor Clive Goddard, Walland and Denge Marsh Ward (Conservative) has been nominated in his capacity as Chairman of the Shepway Planning Committee for the Wall of Shame for allowing Cllrs Pascoe and Martin to take part in the proceedings and the vote on development on Princes Parade on 16th August, both men having fully compromised their position and fettered their discretion by taking part in Cabinet decisions approving the development.

link to details of Councillor Philip Martin Councillor Philip Martin, North Downs West (Conservative) has been included on the Wall of Shame for the same reason as Cllr. Goddard above.

link to details of Councillor Dick Pascoe Councillor Dick Pascoe, Folkestone Central Ward. (Conservative) has been included on the Wall of Shame for the same reason as Cllr. Goddard.

Ray Field Councillor Ray Field, Folkestone Harbout Ward (Labour) has been nominated to be placed on the Wall of Shame by countless local Residents for collaborating with Councillor Monk on the Princes Parade development and voting against Labour policy of opposing the development. Cllr. Field has now become an ‘Independent’.

bigpic Councillor Ian Meyers, Romney Marsh Ward (UKIP) has been placed upon the wall of shame for renouncing UKIP housing policy with regard to building on arable land and joining the FHDC cabinet, only to support Cllr. Monk and Conservative policy to develop Otterpool housing. Cllr. Meyers has now stepped down from the cabinet following leaking of confidential information surrounding Otterpool housing.



link to details of Councillor Miss Susie Govett Councillor Susie Govett. New Romney Ward (Independent).  Councillor  Susie Govett has been nominated for the Hall of Fame for having the courage to stand up transparently and impartially for residents’ interests under pressure from the Committee chairman (Cllr. Goddard) when addressing planning issues affecting Shepway residents.

link to details of Councillor Mrs Mary E LawesCouncillor Mary Lawes, Folkestone Harbour Ward (Independent). Councillor Mary Lawes has been nominated for the Hall of Fame on several issues, but most of all as an unstinting advocate for democracy, supporting the majority view without hesitation across a wide range of issues. S&DRA sincerely welcomes Mary to the Hall of Fame.