Many of us will be voting next Thursday on National Issues, some of us on local issues. Our group, as always, is focusing on local issues which will affect our way of life within the District of Folkestone and Hythe.

Last Wednesday we emailed three of the four main candidates (4.12.19) standing in the General Election to ask their views on the proposed Otterpool Park development. Here are the emails received:

Laura Davison. Labour.

I am opposed to the Otterpool development. We urgently need to tackle the housing crisis we face through a programme of council house and genuinely affordable home building. At the November full council meeting I voted against drawing down £100 million for the Otterpool project. At a time when we have local people facing eviction, homelessness and poverty these sums are unthinkable. As your MP I would work together with local people to solve these problems not ignore you and ride roughshod over your wishes. Labour created the concept of the Green Belt and we will defend it. 

Georgina Treloar. Green Party.

At the last full council meeting I voted against the £100m drawdown because I could not see anything in the report that ensured that the development would be 100% environmentally sustainable and carbon zero.

I understand that the council must meet housing targets. But, we’ve also declared a climate and ecological emergency. I need to know that if I’m voting for any development of that scale, that it would be an absolute exemplar in terms of mitigating for and adapting to climate change. There’s nothing in the current plans and setup that guarantees this.

I’m also not comfortable with the council shouldering such a large financial risk. And I’d like to see a greater commitment to affordable housing provision.

Simon Bishop. Liberal Democrat.

No reply received.

Damian Collins. Conservative Party.

Mr. Collins’ views on the proposed Otterpool Park development is well known and is in line with FHDC. Build Otterpool Park over farmland, build on Princes Parade and build a truck park on Stanford West.

Henry Bolton. Independent. 

Opposed to Otterpool Park as well as Princes Parade and the Stanford West Truck Park. More information: http://www.votebolton.uk

Rohen KapurYoung People’s Party.

Views unknown on Otterpool Park. More information: http://www.yppuk.org/

Colin Menniss. Social Democrat Party.

Views unknown on Otterpool park. More information: https://www.youtube.com/8623d8e6-5f18-422d-800e-a812ba6b0425    https://sdp.org.uk/policies/

Andy Thomas. Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Views unknown on Otterpool Park. More information: http://spgb.net


Previous generations of our great country have sacrificed much to enable each and every one of us to cast a vote. Please take the time to exercise your democratic right.



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