Ronald Lello.

It is with great sadness that I bring you the news of the passing of Ronald Lello.

Ronald was the founder of the Sellindge & District Residents Association in 2010 when the village was threatened with an anaerobic digester and waste site opposite the Airport Cafe, between Newingreen and Sellindge.

Chairing the newly formed group, Ronald gave up much of his time to fight the application from KCC drawing upon independent expertise from various members of the group to fight the good fight. The proposed waste site still stands derelict today.

During Ronald’s tenure there were various applications that the Association opposed with favourable outcomes. It wasn’t always a case of working away tirelessly to stop the industrialisation of the village. The blow was softened by our meetings at Grove House, Ronald’s home, usually with a glass of something alcoholic and a warm reception. Those days will be remembered with great fondness.

Ronald was a very personable man, not deeply religous, but spiritual and philosophical. He cared little for bureaucracy or people that promoted it, adopting a more human and pragmatic approach.

Moving away from Sellindge six years ago Ronald gave up the chairmanship of the group, but always kept in touch. There wasn’t a week that went by where we didn’t pick up the phone for a chat, keeping up to date, not only with local events, but also world news. In recent months Ronald’s health took a turn for the worse, but he always kept cheery, refusing to let the illness bring him down, mentally.

I will certainly miss Ronald. He was a dear friend; a friend who I learnt a great deal from.

Our condolences go out to his dear wife, Angela and family.

The service to celebrate Ronald’s life will be held at Barham crematorium on Monday, 21st March at 2pm. All are welcome.

God Bless

Les Barratt.

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