We are all familiar with the expression ‘It’s a no brainer’. These were the words uttered by Councillor Ian Meyers (UKIP) prior to voting to support the motion by Councillor Monk to borrow 100 million pounds last Wednesday (20.11.19) to fund the Otterpool 12,000 dwelling Housing Estate. It should be noted that the remaining FHDC cabinet members all voted in line with Councillor Meyers except for Deputy Leader Jenny Hollingsbee who declared that she wouldn’t be partaking in the vote due to a significant interest near to the border of the planned development.

That very same evening it was the turn of the full Council to show their support for the Monk motion to borrow 100 million pounds.

It may come as no surprise to you that Cllr. Wimble (IND), Cllr. Mullard (UKIP) and all Conservative Councillors voted to support the motion. But here’s the thing; 1 Green Party Councillor, Rebecca Shoob also showed her support and voted for the motion, with John Wing (Green Party) abstaining.  It should be noted that Cllr Wing recently won the seat of Hythe Rural which includes Lympne; an area whose residents are vehemently opposed to the Otterpool development.

Prater  Cllr John Wing 2 Cllr Rebecca Shoob

Would it also surprise you that Councillor Tim Prater (Lib Dem) also showed his support and voted with the Conservatives when previous comments made by Cllr. Prater suggested that Otterpool Park was purely a cash cow for FHDC. It was only last year that the local Lib Dem Chairman, Ross Clark, stood on a platform with us and declared the Lib Dem’s opposition to the Otterpool development alongside other representatives from UKIP, Labour and The Green Party.

So there you have it: 15 for, 10 against.

Et tu, Brute.



For more on this, please visit our friends at:

Otterpool Park Update: The Council grants itself £100,000,000.

One thought on “IT’S A NO BRAINER.

  1. Those who deserve the title of No Brainer are the 15 who voted to support the borrowing of £100million to,fund Otterpool together with the one who abstained.What is surprising is that two of this lot represent Romney Marsh .With the Met.Office predicting that this area could be under water by 2050 it might have been more logical of them to have asked for the money to be spent on flood defences.As Monk pulls the strings however he probably didn’t mention this to them.As for the abstainer,he represents Lympne on FHDC so what a wasted vote that was.And it’s only six months since he wanted our votes and pledged to support the village.Time flies especially if your name is Wing.


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