There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes, but there is almost a free drink. If you’re family income is less than £16,105 per annum and your water bill is over £100.60 you should be applying for a reduction in your water bill from Affinity Water. Here’s what Affinty Water are saying:

If you qualify, your water charges will be fixed at £100.60 per year from 1st April 2019 (not applicable for the sewerage element of your bill). If your current water charge is less than £100.60 you may not qualify. Please note that the tariff is applied and calculated from the date your application is received and cannot be backdated. You will need to upload supporting documents from either your computer or smartphone. If you are unable to provide your documents in this way, please call us on 0345 357 2406.

And here’s the link to apply for the Low Income Fixed Tariff – LIFT:


Please share this information via social media, tell your friends and family or anyone that you think may qualify.

If you are outside of the Affinity Water area, please contact us for help.

Good luck.



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