This coming Wednesday, 20th November at 5pm, FHDC cabinet members will be meeting at the Civic Centre in Folkestone to discuss and vote on the recommendation to borrow 100 million pounds to kick start the Housing Estate being branded as Otterpool Park.

From our discussions with constituents across the district, the borrowing of this amount of money to build an unwanted and unneeded town on farmland is unacceptable given other social issues across the district that need to be addressed.

Our friends at Shepwayvox published an excellent post on the subject below. Please click on the link to view:

In the recent District elections many of us voted for a candidate that purported to oppose Otterpool Town. Many others would have read a political party’s manifesto and felt assured that a member of that party would adhere to the manifesto pledge of building on brownfield sites and using existing sites, thereby, protecting green spaces.

It would appear, judging by the tone of the statement below, that one member of the FDHC Cabinet, Ian Meyers (UKIP) is supporting the building of Otterpool Town.

Meyers traitor
Ian Meyers

In a recent post, dated 13th November, 2019, Mr. Meyers writes:

I have spent the morning accompanying Andrew MacKey, the Customer Service Excellence assessor, who is assessing our council touring our recently purchased asset, Westenhanger Castle, and discussing our plans for its restoration as part of our “Otterpool” Garden town project.

As the Cabinet member and portfolio holder for customers part of my job is bringing forward our plans of how we will use this to promote Health & Well being for our community and how we might do so.

The possibilities this presents are just fantastic and our aspiration is to incorporate its grounds and the old Tithe Barns as part of our 100 acre country park that will be free for the public to visit.

The UKIP manifesto clearly states that:

UKIP opposes the bedroom Tax. UKIP wants to provide incentives to reuse empty homes, and to protect green spaces by encouraging new homes and business development on brownfield sites. UKIP national policy is to scrap VAT on renovations.

So there we have it. A Councillor to whom many of you trusted. As it stands, Mr. Meyers joined the majority Conservative cabinet headed by Councillor Monk, and appears to be supporting a very unpopular and controversial development against UKIP policy. Is this really the individual that you supported and voted for just a few months ago?

We will be reporting back on the 21st November.




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