This is an urgent notice for all residents, especially those living in Lympne, concerning a major Housing Development on Lympne Airfield.
The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has set up a quango/business which it has called ‘Homes England’ complete with Government money – our money – to buy Lympne Airfield from off-shore (Jersey) registered owners Phides/Somerston Estates as part of its drive to force through Otterpool Newtown.
It was hatched up without public consultation by the DCLG last September and is now being presented as a ‘fait a complis’
Our best chance of stopping this twin curse of the loss of our Airfield and our village is by immediately registering an objection with Shepway District Council (SDC) to any and all housing development on the Airfield referred to in the Places and Policies Local Plan (PPLP) and stating that you wish to give evidence to the Public Inquiry into the PPLP in due course.
But representations to the PPLP have to be registered with SDC before the end of this Monday – 19th -. This can be done by email to planning.policy@shepway.gov.uk – and it is very important that you ask for confirmation of receipt of your objection by SDC.

For more information about this, contact:

David Plumstead, Shepway Environment and Community Network (SECN) at this email address: thespouthouse@googlemail.com or telephone 01303 265737

You should also look on the News Page of the Airfield Website: ‘The Friends of Lympne Airfield Association’: http://www.lympneairfield.com

Further information will follow on these revelations. Please share and ask friends, family and colleagues to ‘sign up’ to our site. Thank you.


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