Dear Residents,

Last Chance Saloon – for Places and Policies Local Plan representations.

PPLP Programme Officer Pat Yiga has generously agreed to accept submissions up to midnight tonight via her email address: programme.officer@shepway.gov.uk she can be contacted by those having difficulty putting their representations on the SDC ‘Portal’ and there are many of us!

That will enable late submission of representations about the PPLP which are essential if the Planning Inspector is to include them in his/her judgement and recommendations to the Secretary of State following the Local Plan Public Inquiry due to take place in a few months’ time.

Do not forget to to state whether you think:

The Plan is ‘legally compliant’

Whether it is ‘sound’ ie Positively Prepared and Justified

Effective and/or consistent with national policy –

and the Duty of adjacent LA’s to Cooperate

– here are some notes to help you:

  1. The Plan is not legally compliant as it fails to address the serious issue of air pollution from road traffic. The Government has recently lost a third appeal in the High Court against successful prosecution for failing to implement its own regulations.
  2. For the same reason the Plan is not ‘sound’ and has also been prepared with a view to encouraging the building of insupportable numbers of houses in inappropriate locations – eg the Otterpool Newtown development in an officially designated area of water scarcity where the supplier – Affinity Water – has raised serious doubt about its ability to comply with its statutory duty to supply sufficient potable water.
  3. The Plan fails to comply with national policy wherein at  Annex 1 Paragraph 2.5.2  the East Kent Audit Report of 7th March highlights an unmet requirement stating:
  • The Council needs to set up a public register for contaminated land and for environmental permitting in order to fully satisfy legislative requirements.

That being the case the proposed development at Princes parade PPLP ref. UA18 is unlawful.

  1. We understand that cooperation has been agreed with the adjacent LAs of Ashford and Dover but we have not been consulted or informed of the nature of the agreement.

Note also the need to answer the following:

Does your representation relate to a new site that has not previously been submitted as part of Local Plan process?

Yes – large parts of proposed Otterpool Newtown

If your representation is seeking a modification, do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the Examination?

Definitely ‘Yes’ I wish to participate in the oral Examination

If you would like to participate at the oral part of the examination, please outline why you consider this to be necessary

To clarify and highlight vital local issues for the Inquiry Inspector’s better appreciation of the very serious concerns of thousands of Shepway residents, notably those arising from proposed housing development on Lympne Airfield, the Otterpool Newtown Plan for 12,000 houses, the proposed development of Prince’s Parade and the ongoing despoliation of Fisherman’s Beach at Hythe.

And generally for the sake of information sharing and upholding the principle of democratic local governance.

This will also appear on our website: www.slurry.org.uk


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