Are we set to have a new Water Company?

According to Shepway District Council’s (SDC) Collaboration Board, we may soon be having a new water company to supply water to 12,000 commuter homes.

So what’s the problem with the water company, Affinity Water (AW), that we already have?

Affinity Water

As of yet, we don’t know. But what we do know is that AW have reservations about supplying the proposed Otterpool Park new town, that Councillor Monk is determined to foist upon Shepway Residents irrespective of the fact that Water Scarcity is a major issue in our region. In a ‘Strategic Planning – Duty to co-operate’ meeting on the 30th September 2016, Affinity Water made it abundantly clear that

“There is neither the water resource, or the main transfer capacity, to serve 12,000 new homes and therefore an alternative solution will need to be sought”.

In a previous S&DRA post dated 4th August 2017, we outlined the consequences of the development of a desalination plant. Could this be the “alternative solution”:

In another meeting, The ‘Affinity Water Liaison Meeting’ was held, at County Hall on the 11th August, 2017 where AW’s Production and Network Manager stated:

“The Affinity WRZ 7 had the largest gap between forecast demand and planned supply”.

(WRZ 7 – Shepway area).

At that meeting, there were also concerns raised on commercial developments, which are more difficult to assess in terms of water supply requirement, together with further demand from Dungeness.

So how does Albion Water fit into the equation? We too are perplexed. Perhaps Albion have agreed to ‘tanker in’ water via a stream of bowser’s, or do they have a secret aquifer that AW know nothing about? Ridiculous we know, but the idea of increasing Shepway’s population by 50% is even more ridiculous.

Perhaps there has always been a secret plan to install a Desalination Plant in Hythe. Is Albion in on ‘it’? It’s not beyond the realms of fantasy. Just take a look at this Hansard post from 13th July, 2006:

One good reason NOT to go with the Otterpool flow.



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