The Official list is now in the public domain of all candidates in the local elections being held on Thursday, 2nd May 2019.

Click here to view ‘Statement of Persons nominated’:

Please remember that you will not be voting on issues surrounding the NHS or Trident. This is purely about electing a handful of people that affect our lives at a local level.

Please, please, please forget tribalism and vote for the individual. Make a list of all the issues that are important to you and ask them for a position statement. If they fall short of coming up with the goods for you, don’t vote for them. Meet with them, check out their body language, make eye contact, do what you have to do to ensure that you don’t end up with some of the undesirable incumbent’s that we already have.

It’s your district, you make the choices.

Good luck.




‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’.

Referring to the three FHDC Otterpool Consultations, our beloved Council has never published the results as to whether local residents were for or against the urbanisation of our countryside with a 10,000 dwelling commuter town. Moreover, the fact that local Parish Councils told Leader Monk and his Cabinet that Otterpool wasn’t welcomed sent Mr. Monk into a near apoplectic rage.

We have recently learned that a Great Chart/Singleton (Ashford) Parish Councillor has been recruited by FHDC to engage with local Parish Councils to raise their concerns over the proposed Otterpool Park development. But why a Councillor based in Ashford?

Ian McC
Ian McClintock

Mr. McClintock states that he has had experience of dealing with issues surrounding the Chilmington Green development so thinks he can help us iron out any issues we may have with the proposed Otterpool Park development, or words to that effect.

Now, we know nothing about Mr. McClintock and feel sure that he is an upright, law abiding, honourable citizen with good intentions, which is more than could be said about certain Councillors here in Folkestone and Hythe.

Going on past performance of Leader Monk, one has to question the motivation of recruiting Mr. McClintock when we have already met with FHDC’s experts at previous consultations. Could it be that we have never engaged with them simply because we don’t need a commuter town, thereby not ticking the Otterpool Town engagement box to prove to any Planning Inspector that Residents are ‘on board’.

Forgive our cynicism, but could it be that Mr. McClintock is being used by our own Council to engage with a number of our own Parish Councils simply to state to a Planning Inspector that Parish Councillors are now engaging and shaping the proposed Otterpool Park Town, thereby being ‘Community led’ as per the criteria for a Garden town.

As Residents, we all have the right to know in which direction our elected leaders are taking us with regard to Otterpool. Please take the time to go along to your Parish meeting and make your views known.

Did we mention that Councillor McClintock was on the payroll of Folkestone & Hythe District Council.




The Residents of Folkestone and Hythe have had enough of being ignored and gagged. It’s time to SPEAK OUT. Our concerns over environmental and social issues have fallen on deaf ears for too long.

A mass rally is being organised on the 27th April in Hythe. Meeting up in Douglas Avenue at 10.30 am. Guest speakers to be confirmed. More details to follow soon.

Ramping up towards the local election on the 2nd May, let’s show the incumbents what people power really means.

Spread the word and scribe in your diary now.




Are you bamboozled by even the thought of responding to the District Councils Core Strategy Review (CSR) 2019……. DON’T BE.  If you still can’t see the point of it……THINK AGAIN. You will be commenting on the framework which will support developments like Otterpool New Town. No, you won’t get the opportunity to tell the District Councillors where to go or where to stick their support for mass development; you’ll have to wait until May, at the local elections, to do that.

Many of us have already given up on following protocol, commenting on various sections of the CSR document. If you’re pushed for time or find it confusing, simply email the Council.






On a previous post we advised Residents to email the FHDC planning department with their comments given that the consultation portal for the Core Strategy Review was difficult to navigate. We also requested that the 11th March deadline be extended.

The FHDC planning department have confirmed that they will accept emails and letters but have declined to extend the deadline. Here’s the proof as set out by David Whittington, Planning policy Team Leader.

‘I am afraid that the District Council is unable to extend the consultation period, however as you suggest, if any residents are having issues using Objective (the consultation portal) we are happy to accept their responses via email or letter.  I would suggest that residents submit their main points by 11th March.  If we receive any further correspondence after that date we will forward it to the Planning Inspectorate but it will be for the Inspector to decide whether to accept it’. 

No excuses: get those emails in. You have until 5pm 11th March.






Well. well, well. At least one of the Shepway 3 will be attending a public meeting on mass development in and around Sellindge.

The Shepway 3; Councillors Monk, Carey and Hollingsbee who are supporting the decimation of our countryside, may, just may be turning up at a public meeting at Sellindge Village Hall on Thursday 7th March between 4 and 8 pm. This is after confirming that they would never attend a public meeting pertaining to Otterpool New Town. Council Leader Monk confirmed this at a meeting in Hythe of some 300 Residents, describing them as “Rent-a-mob”. Councillors Carey and Hollingsbee have repeatedly said on countless occasions that they would only meet a small group of individuals to discuss Otterpool for fear of hostility towards them. Here’s the evidence from the February Sellindge Newsletter: “We are also happy to meet with individuals to discuss Otterpool or indeed any other issues or concerns“. So what does that tell us about support for Otterpool Town from the masses?

MonkHollingsbee aloneCarey in White hat

Councillors Monk, Hollingsbee and Carey: Like minded supporters of ripping up our Countryside for unwanted and unneeded housing

This is all about the Core Strategy Review that is being played down by our District Council to the detriment of our rural way of life and countryside. Organised by Sellindge Parish Council, this is not a public meeting per se, but a ‘drop-in’ event which is welcomed by S&DRA, even though a little late in the day with the ‘cut off’ date being 11th March at 5pm.

We hope that you will all attend and make your views known to Sellindge Parish Council; and who knows, you may even meet one of the Shepway 3.

Don’t forget to take along your local resident ‘rent-a-mob’ friends.

Have we mentioned that the Shepway 3 are standing for re-election in early May. We may have, just once or twice.

Power to the people








We have been bombarded by angry residents complaining that the Core Strategy Review has never been publicised by Folkestone & Hythe District Council. It’s true that there has, to our knowledge, been no meaningful consultation or presentation relating to the future of our area. Is the attempted sprawling urbanisation being pushed through under our radar? And why aren’t our Councillors representing the residents views. Moreover, the Cabinet Member for Communities is our very own Jennifer Hollingsbee. Is she a fraud? Is she and her Council colleagues operating to their own hidden agendas?

Hollingsbee laughing
Cllr. Hollingsbee.

We are publicising an email recently sent to FHDC by a local Parish Councillor, expressing parishioners concerns about the Core Strategy Review document. It is clear from this email that navigating your way round the various sections of the document is proving very difficult. We would urge you all who are finding similar problems to simply email your comments to with a covering note to place your comments in the appropriate section of the document. Here be the email:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I am a Parish Councillor representing residents of Monks Horton.

I would respectfully ask for a time extension to commenting on the CSR document to address the following issues.

The Core Strategy Review document is confusing and very difficult to navigate for many of our residents, especially the elderly and non computer savvy. This is evidenced by the fact that only 2 people to date have made comments.

The one hour window is a distraction which doesn’t enable residents to fully consider the areas in which they wish to comment. It may be achievable by copying and pasting, but for many this is somewhat of a challenge.

Paucity of proper consultation prior to attempting to comment on the document is once again evidenced by only 2 comments on the site.

I believe that this Core Strategy Review is not sound due to the lack of information from other agencies; for example, the Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP19) from Affinity Water (AW) is still in its draft form and will not be ready to be published until the Spring of this year. Within that document, KCC, Kent Wildlife Trust and Natural England have made representations that have not been fully addressed by Affinity Water. At 20.19, concerns were raised by Natural England about desalination plants and the effects on the environment. This is AW’s response: We will provide further detail in terms of potential impacts and effects within the revised dWRMP’. This is clearly unacceptable, leaving people wishing to comment in limbo as to the outcome of just this one issue. There is also no reference to the Dungeness Power Station coming back on stream with its colossal water usage.

The cumulative effect of other districts housing developments has not been addressed or considered. This is outrageous, considering the NHS GP recruitment concerns for the East Kent area alongside other infrastructure issues.

In the interim, given the complexity of the CSR document, we will advise residents to email you before the cut off date of 11th March and respectfully ask that you direct the comments in the the appropriate section of the document.

As time is of the essence, I look forward to your speedy response.

Kind regards,

Leslie Barratt. Vice Chairman. Monks Horton Parish Meeting.

Please be courteous and constructive in your comments.



If ever there was a time to take action to preserve our rural way of life and countryside, it is now.

You have only until the 10th March to let an independent planning inspector know your thoughts on the Folkestone & Hythe District Council (FHDC) Core Strategy. This is a framework which will support the development of areas such as Otterpool New Town.

You may have already seen the flyer but if you haven’t, please click on the links below to be shocked as to the extent of the decimation of our countryside that FHDC have planned for us all.


FHDC 2019 ZONING A4r (2)

SDRA Core Strategy Flyer TEXTONLY

SDRA Core Strategy Flyer COMPLETE

Please don’t be fazed by the complexity of the document: it’s purposely produced that way to deter us from commenting. Don’t be dissuaded from replicating your comments across the document; we are not planners or council officials, we are not expected to dot the i’s or cross the t’s. Please be courteous, constructive and if you have a skill within certain areas, make your comments technical, backing it up with sound evidence.








For many of us, Archaeology is a fascinating subject that tells us where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and to some extent, give direction to our future.

Last year’s archaeological digs in and around our communities unearthed an enormous amount of artifacts and even revealed a Roman Villa at Newingreen. Last October we were treated to a presentation by Kate Clover, Senior Archaeological Consultant at Arcadis about the areas archaeological importance, but the presentation was held in a small venue in the middle of Ashford.

It was never advertised thereby denying local people the chance to discover the archaeological finds of the Otterpool area. Please view the past links here:

Despite several attempts to arrange another presentation last year in Lympne, another email was sent last week in a last ditch attempt to arrange a presentation before the Otterpool Planning application is set before the Independent Inspector. Here’s the reply from Kate Clover:|

“I have had several requests to come to Lympne and give a talk about the archaeology of Otterpool and I understand why people are keen for this to happen. The focus is currently on preparing the planning application, and more detailed information regarding heritage (and other elements) will accompany the submission and will be publicly available. We will be holding some consultation events immediately after the submission has taken place which we would welcome your attendance at.

We will then schedule a heritage presentation once the formal consultation events have been completed and I will let you know when this is happening. I won’t be able to do separate presentations for each group/town, it will be one presentation that will be open invitation to all groups. We have not planned where this will be yet, but clearly Lympne would be an obvious choice”.

This is an example of sheer dominance over the local population by a small number of individuals set to profit (with much of the profit being transferred to an offshore domicile), from the ruination of our rural area. How can this be right?

Now, let’s not start venting our anger at Kate Clover; Kate is an employee of Arcadis, carrying out her work as set out by her employer, Arcadis. It is clear that Folkestone and Hythe District Council (FHDC), Cozumel Estates and Arcadis are setting the agenda here to keep us all in the dark, playing down the historical significance of the area to build an unneeded 12,000 dwelling town, sliding the archaeological importance under the radar of the Planning Inspector.

If you would like to be enlightened about the local archaeology before it’s buried forever, please contact the following to demand your right to be informed:

Rebecca Kearney. Senior Development Manager. Arcadis

07990 088 321

Whilst you are contacting Rebecca Kearney, please copy in the following:

David Monk, Leader, FHDC.

Home address: 
23 Minter Avenue
CT18 7DS

Phone:  01303 891001email:


Jenny Hollingsbee. FHDC Deputy Leader and cabinet Member for Communities.

Swan Lane
Sellindge, Ashford
TN25 6EB

Phone:  01303 812066

Mobile:  07887 918458

Bus. phone:  01797 364593

Bus. email:


Reuben Brothers – Cozumel estates.



Kate Clover, Senior Archaeological Consultant, Arcadis.