This coming Thursday, 17th June, we will have the chance to vote for our Elham Valley KCC Councillor – A chance not to be missed.

Delayed because of the sudden death of a candidate, Christopher Dean. He was well known to our Association and a supporter of our campaign to stop FHDC’s vanity project, Otterpool Park. He will be sorely missed.

There are just 4 candidates:

Joe Egerton (Ind). Gordon Cowan (Lab) Doug Wade (Green Party) Susan Carey (Conservative)

Many of you would have not heard of Joe Egerton or Gordon Cowan, in fact, we have never come across them in our dealings with FHDC or any of our campaigns. Conversely, Doug Wade and Susan Carey would be more familiar to most as being more local to the area.

So what do we know about the 4 candidates? Very little about Joe or Gordon, except to say that Joe lives in Canterbury and Gordon lives in Capel. We’ve never seen them supporting any local issues, and never seen them commenting or having any input into the recent Core Strategy Review to determine how our district is shaped in years to come.

Moving on to Doug (Green Party). In his flyer, (which has been distributed widely) he tells us that he is a local man and is passionate about saving our green spaces. All very laudable and probably worth voting for.

But casting our minds back, wasn’t it a Green Party Councillor and video host that threw our Otterpool campaign under a bus when the comment was made in a SPP video, that Otterpool was going ahead. This was an attempt to save Princes Parade from the hideous development which was under review at the time. Perhaps that wasn’t Doug’s position, but why is the email address to contact him channelled through the Green Party HQ ? And, why wasn’t Doug involved in the local Core Strategy Review?

Lastly, the most well known of all: Susan Carey (Conservative). Probably the most experienced politician of all candidates. Her position within FHDC is well known among the politically informed.

In her widey distibuted flyer there is much to consider – all positive, of course. Representing the people on a whole host of issues – Social care for older people, Child protection, New Schools, Tree planting, Installation of Heat pumps and Solar Panels on schools and Public buildings. All positive and wonderful, but hang on a minute, where can we find Susan’s position on Otterpool Park; the 10-12,000 housing development that will obliterate farmland? Convenviently forgotten to add it to the flyer? It must have been the fault of the printers. This isn’t the first time that this stunt has been pulled by our dear Susan, having forgotten to mention her support for Otterpool Park, and it probably won’t be the last.

The choice is yours.



  1. I cannot find any candidate that is willing to try and stop the atrocity called Otterpool Park! I also do not see anything publishing the 99 pages of objections sent to FHDC planning department. They are taking us all for fools!


  2. Doug is completely opposed to Otterpool. He grew up in Sellindge and lives in Hythe, and is completely opposed to the development. I am unclear about how GP “threw you under the bus.” All Green Candidates use the local GP contact. The Otterpool project has been approved by Conservative Party central office and is thus much harder to oppose completely than other local projects. Green Party is focussed on trying to minimise its size and make the development more environmentally friendly, but there is nobody in the local Green Party that I know who does not personally oppose it.


  3. I’ve spoken repeatedly and in public against Otterpool Park. I do not support concreting over Kent. I want to stop Otterpool Park. The Greens have always been against Otterpool and building on green field sites. If we can’t prevent it then we’ll do whatever we can to minimise the harm it causes – but our first choice is always to oppose it and stop it if we can.
    Susan Carey supports Otterpool Park.
    I oppose it.
    Please Vote Green Tomorrow.
    Thank You


  4. So much for transparency – neither my comment or Doug Wade’s made it through your “moderation.” Does it occur to anyone that years of Tories being able to take voters here for granted here is why they felt confident enough to force Otterpool and other corrupt local development schemes upon us all in the first place? Shame on you.


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