This coming Friday, 26th March, we are all invited to have our say on shaping the first phase of the massive housing estate being tagged by FHDC as Otterpool Park.

This is another case of putting the cart before the horse as the CSR inspector has yet to report back on the Districts plans. Moreover, the Otterpool Planning application has yet to be aired.

Here be the message from FHDC’s PR people:


We are at an exciting stage of planning Otterpool Park – we are designing the first phase, which includes the town centre. Together with our project consultants, we are holding two virtual public information and consultation events about phase one at Otterpool Park on Friday 26 March

Attendees will be able to watch a presentation and get their questions about phase one answered live by panellists. The event will also provide an opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts on the plans, which will be considered ahead of final proposals.  

There will be an online afternoon session running from 1pm until 2.30pm and an evening session from 5.30pm until 7pm, all open to the public who can register to attend here  

The engagements will be recorded and published on the Otterpool Park website, so that those that are unable to attend can watch it at a later date and provide their feedback.  

I do hope that you are able to register and attend. We are promoting these events in the local media, on social media and through other routes however we would be grateful if you could let others in your local networks know about the opportunity to attend. 

Kind regards, 

Zoe at Pillory BarnOn behalf of Otterpool Park LLP


Casting our minds back to the beginning of the Otterpool debacle, a document was produced by The Department for Communities and Local Government entitled Garden towns and cities – Criteria for support. In it, six paragraphs jumped out at us:

4. We want to encourage more local areas to come forward with ambitious locally led proposals for new communities that work as self sustaining places, not dormitory suburbs. They should have high quality and good design hard wired in from the outset – a new generation of garden villages, towns and cities.

11, Equally, we are clear that this prospectus in not looking to support places which merely use ‘garden’ as a convenient label. Rather, we will support local areas that embed key garden city principles to develop communities that stand out from the ordinary. We do not want to impose a set of development principles on local areas , and will support local areas in developing their own vision for their communities. But, we will want to see evidence of attractive, well designed places with local support.

Local Leadership and community support.

17. New garden villages should have the backing of the local authorities in which they are situated. We expect expressions of interest to demonstrate a strong local commitment to delivery. They should also set out how the local community is being, or will be, engaged at an early stage, and strategies for community involvement to help ensure local support.

56. Expressions of Interest should set out how the local community is being, or will be, engaged at an early stage, and strategies for community involvement to help win local support.

67. We would like to ensure that, where possible, infrastructure needs are clearly assessed and met as any part of a proposal.

Local demand.

21. It is important that new garden villages are built as a response to meeting housing needs locally. We expect expressions of interest to demonstate how the new settlement is part of a wider strategy to secure the delivery of new homes to meet assessed need.


This soi-disant presentation is another box ticker just to demonstrate that protocol has been followed to erect an unwanted urbanisation of our rural areas. Engaging with FHDC to shape a town that is not required or wanted will only add weight to their fake box ticking exercise. We have already shown, through numerous meetings and polls that support for such a town is less than 3% of the residents.

It is clear from the 6 pargraphs above that this money making bandwagon should have been halted at the first hurdle. Yes, sign up if you wish to their presentation, but please make it known that you will not engage in something that will change our lives forever, and not for the better. Please use the pargraphs above to argue the case that Otterpool is not required and does not fulfill the critera as set out by central government – DLG.



  1. Has anyone considered the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on society, the job market, schools, health care, transport, traffic, feding ourselves, growing produce and where we will be in 10 years?
    In the Budget Report the OBR made reference to the falling population in the UK, due in part to Brexit and also Covid 19. What will be required in the future, although we may have a lot more people from Hong Kong


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