On a previous post we advised Residents to email the FHDC planning department with their comments given that the consultation portal for the Core Strategy Review was difficult to navigate. We also requested that the 11th March deadline be extended.

The FHDC planning department have confirmed that they will accept emails and letters but have declined to extend the deadline. Here’s the proof as set out by David Whittington, Planning policy Team Leader.

‘I am afraid that the District Council is unable to extend the consultation period, however as you suggest, if any residents are having issues using Objective (the consultation portal) we are happy to accept their responses via email or letter.  I would suggest that residents submit their main points by 11th March.  If we receive any further correspondence after that date we will forward it to the Planning Inspectorate but it will be for the Inspector to decide whether to accept it’. 

No excuses: get those emails in. You have until 5pm 11th March.





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