Well. well, well. At least one of the Shepway 3 will be attending a public meeting on mass development in and around Sellindge.

The Shepway 3; Councillors Monk, Carey and Hollingsbee who are supporting the decimation of our countryside, may, just may be turning up at a public meeting at Sellindge Village Hall on Thursday 7th March between 4 and 8 pm. This is after confirming that they would never attend a public meeting pertaining to Otterpool New Town. Council Leader Monk confirmed this at a meeting in Hythe of some 300 Residents, describing them as “Rent-a-mob”. Councillors Carey and Hollingsbee have repeatedly said on countless occasions that they would only meet a small group of individuals to discuss Otterpool for fear of hostility towards them. Here’s the evidence from the February Sellindge Newsletter: “We are also happy to meet with individuals to discuss Otterpool or indeed any other issues or concerns“. So what does that tell us about support for Otterpool Town from the masses?

MonkHollingsbee aloneCarey in White hat

Councillors Monk, Hollingsbee and Carey: Like minded supporters of ripping up our Countryside for unwanted and unneeded housing

This is all about the Core Strategy Review that is being played down by our District Council to the detriment of our rural way of life and countryside. Organised by Sellindge Parish Council, this is not a public meeting per se, but a ‘drop-in’ event which is welcomed by S&DRA, even though a little late in the day with the ‘cut off’ date being 11th March at 5pm.

We hope that you will all attend and make your views known to Sellindge Parish Council; and who knows, you may even meet one of the Shepway 3.

Don’t forget to take along your local resident ‘rent-a-mob’ friends.

Have we mentioned that the Shepway 3 are standing for re-election in early May. We may have, just once or twice.

Power to the people








  1. Right at the start of this Core strategy nobody wanted ribbon development which has suddenly come about. This latest map of developments is shocking. The country side will be gone. . Two weeks ago Nick Hollands sent an e mail with photo of a very rare plant in the old air field site. Over the years he has sent some amazing photos of rare and protected wild life. Even now the TW consortium have cut down precious trees and hedges just when the bird are looking for nest sites. It is dreadful . The birds are having a tough time anyway. I hope that our parish council tell TW to put up bird boxes and replant hedgerows.


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