We have been bombarded by angry residents complaining that the Core Strategy Review has never been publicised by Folkestone & Hythe District Council. It’s true that there has, to our knowledge, been no meaningful consultation or presentation relating to the future of our area. Is the attempted sprawling urbanisation being pushed through under our radar? And why aren’t our Councillors representing the residents views. Moreover, the Cabinet Member for Communities is our very own Jennifer Hollingsbee. Is she a fraud? Is she and her Council colleagues operating to their own hidden agendas?

Hollingsbee laughing
Cllr. Hollingsbee.

We are publicising an email recently sent to FHDC by a local Parish Councillor, expressing parishioners concerns about the Core Strategy Review document. It is clear from this email that navigating your way round the various sections of the document is proving very difficult. We would urge you all who are finding similar problems to simply email your comments to with a covering note to place your comments in the appropriate section of the document. Here be the email:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I am a Parish Councillor representing residents of Monks Horton.

I would respectfully ask for a time extension to commenting on the CSR document to address the following issues.

The Core Strategy Review document is confusing and very difficult to navigate for many of our residents, especially the elderly and non computer savvy. This is evidenced by the fact that only 2 people to date have made comments.

The one hour window is a distraction which doesn’t enable residents to fully consider the areas in which they wish to comment. It may be achievable by copying and pasting, but for many this is somewhat of a challenge.

Paucity of proper consultation prior to attempting to comment on the document is once again evidenced by only 2 comments on the site.

I believe that this Core Strategy Review is not sound due to the lack of information from other agencies; for example, the Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP19) from Affinity Water (AW) is still in its draft form and will not be ready to be published until the Spring of this year. Within that document, KCC, Kent Wildlife Trust and Natural England have made representations that have not been fully addressed by Affinity Water. At 20.19, concerns were raised by Natural England about desalination plants and the effects on the environment. This is AW’s response: We will provide further detail in terms of potential impacts and effects within the revised dWRMP’. This is clearly unacceptable, leaving people wishing to comment in limbo as to the outcome of just this one issue. There is also no reference to the Dungeness Power Station coming back on stream with its colossal water usage.

The cumulative effect of other districts housing developments has not been addressed or considered. This is outrageous, considering the NHS GP recruitment concerns for the East Kent area alongside other infrastructure issues.

In the interim, given the complexity of the CSR document, we will advise residents to email you before the cut off date of 11th March and respectfully ask that you direct the comments in the the appropriate section of the document.

As time is of the essence, I look forward to your speedy response.

Kind regards,

Leslie Barratt. Vice Chairman. Monks Horton Parish Meeting.

Please be courteous and constructive in your comments.



  1. Have these representatives of the local people forgotten that part of their remit is to take care of our local environment and the people who live in it. In the words of the song what are they doing to England’s Green and Pleasant Land? Looking at the various plans one can’t help feeling that soon there will not be much green rather concrete and brick. Is this really what is to become of the Garden of England? I appreciate people need to have homes but they also require the amenities ( schools, doctors, shops, and decent roads which are able to take the extra number of vehicles that will be using them.) Local people have put up with so much already. Are the local reps so blinded by the financial aspects of all this building that they have forgotten why they decided to become councillors? Have they really thought things through or do they feel when the next big problem occurs others will deal with it? Remember “operation stack” that caused so much extra work for the police or are the in situations where they will not be caused any problems?


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