Deja Vu

Viewers of BBC2 probably watched a programme called ‘The New Builds are Coming’ last week, where South Oxfordshire District Council revealed plans to build 3,500 new houses over Green belt land in the tiny village of Culham, home for just 450 residents. Please click on the link below to watch the programme.

The Save Culham Green Belt committee hold a rally against plans to build new homes on the green belt.

If like us, you experienced the unsettling notion of deja vu, you wouldn’t be alone. Dozens of Residents have contacted us to vent their anger at, not only to what’s happening to us here in Shepway, but also to what’s going on all over the country. Quelle surprise.

Unlike Oxfordshire that has the designation of being in a housing crisis, Shepway is not. With 8.800 homes already in the local plan, our District Council has exceeded the housing requirement as set out by Central Government via a democratic process, whereby local residents all over Shepway, has a ‘say’ in how many homes are built and where. These are being built for local people as calculated by local Government.

ENTER: Otterpool New Town – 12,000 dwelling Housing Estate. – Undemocratic, Unnecessary and Unwanted by local Residents. The similarities between Culham and Lympne/Sellindge in the way to which procedure and attitude has manifest itself is startling. Residents had no knowledge of landowners being consulted prior to disclosure of the plan, bullying tactics, (although denied), less informed Residents held up as the ‘silent majority’, prospective house purchasers struggling to save a deposit or borrow money, the list is endless. With the average house price here in Shepway at £250,000 and the average salary at £22,000, what chance do our Children or Grandchildren have of ever being a property owner?

Please take the time to watch the programme and draw your own conclusions.

S&DRA say: Affordable homes we need. A 12,000 Commuter Housing Estate, we do not.

Please spread the word and ask your friends and family to join our campaign for a fairer Shepway and sign up to our website






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