SDC’s Bedfellow’s, Reuben Brother’s, aka Cozumel Estates.

With the publication of properties registered ‘offshore’, courtesy of Shepwayvox, it is now clear to all our readers that Cozumel Estates own the following five plots: Folkestone Racecourse, Land at Folkestone Racecourse, ‘Killymoon’, Ashford Road, Newingreen, Farm Cottage at Folkestone Racecourse and Land at the East side of Brook Lane, Sellindge:  Details of the publication can be viewed here:

Further revelations include:

21 Harman Avenue, Lympne.

13, Surrenden Road, Folkestone.                        

Horton Priory, Monks Horton.

Guinea Hall, Sellindge.                  

Our interest is purely concerned with the Reuben Brothers affairs and the injustice of those two individuals receiving central Government grants to develop our countryside purely for profit, then squirrelling that profit away from these shores via the British Virgin Islands.  However, the publication of many other registered properties could be described as, err, interesting.

So, do you have a neighbour or know of someone whose property appears on the lists above?

The policy of S&DRA is that we are an information sharing vehicle for the Residents of Shepway and environs. Unlike our District Council, we are totally transparent and look to serve the interests of our Residents.  Given that, we would like to hear from you if you suspect a conflict of interest is staring you in the face, or even if you have a ‘gut’ feeling about anything that needs investigating relating to the development issues that are facing us today.

At this juncture, it should be stated that registering a property ‘offshore’ is not illegal.

So, in the words of a well known Telecommunications company and supermarket: It’s good to talk, and every little helps. Drop us an email at

Thank you




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