Not to be read during breakfast, lunch or dinner

Dear Residents,

You may have heard that local litter picking has been taking place all over the County this month. It seems that Sellindge has had more than its fair share of litter, or should we say human waste.
We are posting this letter from Vernon and Anne Morris on our website to highlight the situation that local residents encounter on a daily basis whilst walking or driving through areas adjacent to local roads or laybys. If Vernon and Anne Morris get a reply from our MP, Damian Collins, we will let you know. Fingers (tightly) crossed.



Damian Collins MP
The House of Commons
London SWIA OAA 13th March 2017

Dear Mr. Collins,

Continental Litter

On Sunday the 12th March Sellindge Parish Council organised a day to ‘Spring Clean the Village’ which was very well organised and attended.

Three of us volunteered to clear the verges on the A20 between Otterpool Lane and Newingreen. After 2 hours we had only covered 1/4 mile. We filled six sacks but were told not to remove anything contaminated ie. urine bottles or needles. My husband did pick up 30 bottles of urine, but I’m afraid I left all the ones I found. The point at which I was actually sick was when removing a pair of soiled underpants and our friend picked up a plastic back containing faeces which split open.

A lot of the rubbish and urine bottles is still down a steep slope into a field or caught in brambles which we were ill equiped to tackle.

A further point is the dust and mud which is covering the road and residential properties emanating from the lorries from the Airport Cafe and the site of the ‘temporary’ lorry park.

What is the long term policy ?
What is the short term solution?
Money? The lorry drivers make the mess. They should pay for the clear up.

Surely it is not up to the residents of the Garden of England to clear up this hazardous waste?

We await your reply and better still, action.

Yours faithfully,

Vernon and Anne Morris

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