Is it time for a referendum?

Dear Residents,
In a conversation last year with Councillor Jenny Hollingsbee we were told that the proposed Otterpool New Town has overwhelming support from the silent majority. We have seen no evidence of this, in fact on a recent poll last December we found that from 151 residents interviewed, only two supported the proposal. We would therefore deduce that Councillor, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities, Jenny Hollingsbee has been given incorrect information from her Leader David Monk or others aligned with the desecration of our communities in an attempt to influence Government to support the expression of Interest in building 12,000 houses that are not needed, or required by LOCAL people.
Well now, we think that this so called ‘silent majority’ is a figment of our Councillors imagination. We also think that if they did exist, this is how our Councillors would view them.
Is it time for a referendum to ask the question: Do we need a 12,000 dwelling new town on our doorstep for London overspill. Moreover, should our Council be developing the area alongside the Reuben Brothers, whose only interest in all of this is profit for themselves.

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