The bigger picture

Dear Residents,
We are constantly receiving emails from Shepway residents, but here’s an email from a Deal resident looking at the bigger picture from the perspective of the health and well-being for us all across Kent. Please take the time to read:
As a former resident of the Shepway area I am concerned, though not surprised, by the mounting threats to the quality of life and environment of the Folkestone/Hythe area.
The proposed Otterpool ‘garden village’, waste incinerators, a huge lorry park adjacent to the M20 are all causes for concern for anyone with the wellbeing of the area in mind.
I would like to be added to your mailing list please. I would like to be involved when I can with helping to preserve the rural nature of the area.
As a Deal resident and someone involved in the transport industry I feel that increased pressure on transport infrastructure in the M20 catchment area, increased pressure on rail connections to East Kent, combined with the effects of Ebbsfleet garden city on the M2 will impact not just Shepway residents but the entire East Kent population.
                                                      Yours sincerely

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