HYTHE WALK, 10.30 am 29th October, 2017.

The Hythe Sponsored walk is taking place on Sunday, 29th October and is a chance for ALL Shepway residents to participate in, whether they be from the main groups of SOS Kent -Lorry Park, Fishermans Beach Association, Save Princes Parade, No Otterpool Town or any other action group across our region.  This is a gathering of like minded people who are sick and tired of being bullied by our rotten Council and its glorious Leader, David Monk. Although the route is about 5 miles, we don’t expect everyone to walk the full the distance. Stop off for a coffee just a few hundred yards from the start and wait for us to return; the choice is yours. But what this event is really about, is raising funds to challenge the lies and hidden agendas that are now common place within SDC. There’s a free raffle with great prizes to all who the pay the minimum sponsorship fee of £5.00. Click here to download and print your sponsorship form.            Various speakers will be present to end the day, so bring your family, friends and neighbours. In a wheelchair, mobility scooter? No problem. The route is wheel friendly with not an incline in sight. Enjoy the beauty and open vista of Princes Parade alongside our open coast line. Bring your banners, whistles, flutes and drums. Let’s band together and walk the walk, along our promenade.

We plan to have a great day with all of our friends. See you all on the 29th, 10.30am.