Dear Residents,

An update from last Saturday’s demonstration:

Fisherman’s Beach Protest against more development, Saturday 12th August

“The demonstration against further development on Fisherman’s Beach was supported by well over 100 Hythe residents and many others from outside the area. All 250 leaflets urging people to write to Ben Geering, Chief Planning Officer, objecting to the proposed additional apartment block were taken up, half of them by people visiting the Beach and filling the seating outside Griggs and tucking into a meal.

When we explained what all the fuss was about people were very angry to think that the despoliation of the Beach was planned to go further and even more so when we told them of SDC’s continuing pressure to get rid of the Fishermen.

A copy of the leaflet appears below and we urge you to write asap to Ben Geering objecting in the strongest possible terms to the additional apartment block – eg ‘What the hell do you think you are doing to our Beach and the Fishermen!’

Any one reading this and visiting the Beach should take a look at our Association Noticeboard which stands next to the large Fishermans Hut immediately opposite the main Lifeboat House containing Griggs Fish Shop.

Finally a big thankyou to all of you who turned up on Saturday – and don’t forget to write to Ben Geering!

David Plumstead

‘The Fisherman’s Beach Association’

We ask you to support our campaign as reported on Pages 2 & 18 of this week’s Folkestone and Hythe KM Express by writing as soon as possible to SDC Chief planning Officer Ben Geering at Shepway District Council, Civic Centre, Folkestone CT20 2QY objecting in the strongest terms to Application: Y17/0654/SH ‘for the ‘erection of three storey apartment block with undercroft parking.’ 

Thank you, 

David Plumstead. Fishermans Beach Association & Shepway Environment and Community Network