‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’.

Referring to the three FHDC Otterpool Consultations, our beloved Council has never published the results as to whether local residents were for or against the urbanisation of our countryside with a 10,000 dwelling commuter town. Moreover, the fact that local Parish Councils told Leader Monk and his Cabinet that Otterpool wasn’t welcomed sent Mr. Monk into a near apoplectic rage.

We have recently learned that a Great Chart/Singleton (Ashford) Parish Councillor has been recruited by FHDC to engage with local Parish Councils to raise their concerns over the proposed Otterpool Park development. But why a Councillor based in Ashford?

Ian McC
Ian McClintock

Mr. McClintock states that he has had experience of dealing with issues surrounding the Chilmington Green development so thinks he can help us iron out any issues we may have with the proposed Otterpool Park development, or words to that effect.

Now, we know nothing about Mr. McClintock and feel sure that he is an upright, law abiding, honourable citizen with good intentions, which is more than could be said about certain Councillors here in Folkestone and Hythe.

Going on past performance of Leader Monk, one has to question the motivation of recruiting Mr. McClintock when we have already met with FHDC’s experts at previous consultations. Could it be that we have never engaged with them simply because we don’t need a commuter town, thereby not ticking the Otterpool Town engagement box to prove to any Planning Inspector that Residents are ‘on board’.

Forgive our cynicism, but could it be that Mr. McClintock is being used by our own Council to engage with a number of our own Parish Councils simply to state to a Planning Inspector that Parish Councillors are now engaging and shaping the proposed Otterpool Park Town, thereby being ‘Community led’ as per the criteria for a Garden town.

As Residents, we all have the right to know in which direction our elected leaders are taking us with regard to Otterpool. Please take the time to go along to your Parish meeting and make your views known.

Did we mention that Councillor McClintock was on the payroll of Folkestone & Hythe District Council.



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