For many of us, Archaeology is a fascinating subject that tells us where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and to some extent, give direction to our future.

Last year’s archaeological digs in and around our communities unearthed an enormous amount of artifacts and even revealed a Roman Villa at Newingreen. Last October we were treated to a presentation by Kate Clover, Senior Archaeological Consultant at Arcadis about the areas archaeological importance, but the presentation was held in a small venue in the middle of Ashford.

It was never advertised thereby denying local people the chance to discover the archaeological finds of the Otterpool area. Please view the past links here:

Despite several attempts to arrange another presentation last year in Lympne, another email was sent last week in a last ditch attempt to arrange a presentation before the Otterpool Planning application is set before the Independent Inspector. Here’s the reply from Kate Clover:|

“I have had several requests to come to Lympne and give a talk about the archaeology of Otterpool and I understand why people are keen for this to happen. The focus is currently on preparing the planning application, and more detailed information regarding heritage (and other elements) will accompany the submission and will be publicly available. We will be holding some consultation events immediately after the submission has taken place which we would welcome your attendance at.

We will then schedule a heritage presentation once the formal consultation events have been completed and I will let you know when this is happening. I won’t be able to do separate presentations for each group/town, it will be one presentation that will be open invitation to all groups. We have not planned where this will be yet, but clearly Lympne would be an obvious choice”.

This is an example of sheer dominance over the local population by a small number of individuals set to profit (with much of the profit being transferred to an offshore domicile), from the ruination of our rural area. How can this be right?

Now, let’s not start venting our anger at Kate Clover; Kate is an employee of Arcadis, carrying out her work as set out by her employer, Arcadis. It is clear that Folkestone and Hythe District Council (FHDC), Cozumel Estates and Arcadis are setting the agenda here to keep us all in the dark, playing down the historical significance of the area to build an unneeded 12,000 dwelling town, sliding the archaeological importance under the radar of the Planning Inspector.

If you would like to be enlightened about the local archaeology before it’s buried forever, please contact the following to demand your right to be informed:

Rebecca Kearney. Senior Development Manager. Arcadis

07990 088 321

Whilst you are contacting Rebecca Kearney, please copy in the following:

David Monk, Leader, FHDC.

Home address: 
23 Minter Avenue
CT18 7DS

Phone:  01303 891001email:


Jenny Hollingsbee. FHDC Deputy Leader and cabinet Member for Communities.

Swan Lane
Sellindge, Ashford
TN25 6EB

Phone:  01303 812066

Mobile:  07887 918458

Bus. phone:  01797 364593

Bus. email:


Reuben Brothers – Cozumel estates.



Kate Clover, Senior Archaeological Consultant, Arcadis.





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