Sham at the Castle. 20.6.18.

Dear Residents,

If you thought that Westenhanger Castle was promoting a Sham 69 Concert with Jimmy Pursey banging out  ‘Hurry up Harry’ as an encore, you’d be very much mistaken. However, it will be an event to get your blood pressure increasing to stratospheric levels, as it has to a lady who has contacted us today.

Comments are coming in, thick and fast about the Sham Otterpool Town Consultation being held at Westenhanger next Wednesday, 20th June. Below is a comment (unedited) that we feel fully justified in bringing to the attention of all Shepway Residents.

“Everybody needs to cross out all options for the new town and just write across it….NO DEVELOPMENT WANTED…..WE WANT OUR GREEN SPACE AND FARMLAND LEFT AS IT IS !! Then they will know that we don’t want their disgusting newtown……perhaps we could add that they could build it next to where they live !!”

We would like to thank the author of the above article for taking the time and trouble to write to us.

We would love to hear from other Residents, on all issues, whatever their views.


One thought on “Sham at the Castle. 20.6.18.

  1. S h a m.
    Our protests will not be taken into account by FHDC. Just hope EVERYBODY who is disgusted with the project stands up and speaks out against it..
    I feel certain that Council Leader Monk will not dare to come to this, the final consultation.


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