In last weeks local KM newspaper a story hit the front page; Just a green dream that was termed as ‘exclusive’ about the promised 40% green space for the proposed commuter Town (Otterpool). The headline read: Emails reveal council and landowner agreed to scrap 40% green space Otterpool pledge.

To be clear, the KM are not talking about local landowners or farmers who may, or may not about to be compulsory purchased by FHDC. The land owner in question described above is Cozumel Estates, aka The Reuben Brothers, based in the ‘offshore’ British Virgin Islands.

Far from being an exclusive, this story was revealed by our friends at Shepwayvox back in April:

The green space is now just an ambition. It is known that Cozumel representatives wish to reduce or even eradicate the 40% green space. They went as far as asking FHDC to remove the figure of 40% of green space.

Are we surprised to learn of the deception surrounding open space? Is the Pope a Catholic? The point being, if they are prepared to deceive us on this, what else are they deceiving us on? We already know that the Leader of the Council will readily lie to further his dystopian dormitory Otterpool dream, not only in print, but also on BBC radio: a true votarist.

The “unrealistic target of up to 40%” evidence is set out below in an email dated 24th May, 2016 from Stephen Higgins to Susan Priest at SDC (FHDC). This document, described as Confidential, was obtained through a FOI request and is now in the public domain.

Less than a week ago more than 50,000 homes received the FHDC publication, Spring/Summer edition of ‘YOUR DISTRICT TODAY, where on page 11 it clearly states that ‘outdoor space will make up over 40 per cent’.  Why is this figure still being bandied about? Could it be that low density housing will become flats or even towers to accommodate the outdoor green space to ‘emphasise healthy living and wellbeing’. For whatever reason, we would respectfully ask FHDC to desist from using such misleading information.

In the same magazine and on the same page we are told of another re-run of the public exhibition being held at Westenhanger Castle, 20th June, between 2pm and 6pm. A six hour window for us all to be told how wonderful the Otterpool dream is going to be for us all. 12,000?, 10,000?, 8,500?, 5,500? dwellings that all of our children and grandchildren will be able to afford, living healthy lives with  great transport links, cycling to heritage sites, riverside walks, medical centres, schools, multi-faith halls of worship. What is there not to like about Otterpool Offshore Park New Town? The list is endless.

We’ll see you all on the 20th June.


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