If you have ever questioned the intelligence of our Councillors or MP, your thoughts are justified. We recently witnessed the complete farce of attempting to build the worlds biggest lorry park at Stanford West, supported by Damian Collins MP, along with Monk, Hollingsbee and Carey, only to find that it thankfully fell at the first hurdle, purely because our MP and Councillors were too lazy and arrogant to work out that disregarding the Environmental impact and protocol is an avenue never to be explored. A Judicial Review was duly launched against Highways England and the rest, as they say, is history. Stanford West remains part of the arable landscape.

We now have a similar situation with a commuter town, planned to obliterate our villages, which our beloved Council are calling Otterpool Park. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you would know that we live in the most water stressed area in the UK, so the very idea of building a town of 12,000 dwellings makes no sense at all. Moreover, with some 24,000 other dwellings planned for the area, you wouldn’t need to be a hydrologist or water industry expert to have an inkling that the development of a town may just be a bridge too far in terms of providing a potable water supply to each and every home. Enter Councillor Monk and his ‘Expression of Interest’ to build a town.

Monk devious look
Council Leader Monk.

The original intention was to build 12,000 dwellings, then it was 10,000. After a conversation with the local water company it’s now 5,500. We believe that it won’t stop there. Here’s the email dated 23rd January, 2018 sent from Chris Lewis at FHDC (SDC) to Affinity Water (AW):

“For clarification, the current position is that the policy requirement is for a minimum of 5,500 homes over the Core Strategy Local Plan period until 2037, with development capacity within the red line of 8000-10,000 homes (subject to detailed masterplanning) drawn from evidence base work providing opportunity for growth beyond the plan period.”

It should be noted that a meeting took place last December (2017) where AW announced that capacity exists for only 1000 dwellings, but after that, major infrastructure upgrades will be necessary. Let’s not forget that the Governments Housing Infrastructure Fund of £281,000,000 destined for FHDC amounted to nothing.

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2 thoughts on “GOING DOWN.

  1. We must keep fighting. The roads will not be able to cope . 800 houses on the beautiful landscape under the North downs will be obliterated.. It is in an area of natural beauty and the plot near the old airfield is an SSSI site. A lot of protected animals live there, including bats and adders.

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