Where are our SDC representatives?

Dear Residents, 
We have just been copied in with an email sent from Les Barratt, Vice Chair of Monks Horton Parish to Amandeep Khroud at SDC.
On reading, we found this to be both unbelievable and outrageous. Where are our representatives? All towing the same line? Unfortunately we won’t have a chance to vote for a change in our District Councillors until 2019, but we will all be voting in the forthcoming County election on the 4th May in the Shepway Wards. Change MUST come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Dear Ms Khroud,

I refer to your email dated 15th Feb 2017 to Mr. Ashley Tanton which reads:
The report being considered on 7th March is a key decision because it “is likely to be significant in terms of its effect on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards in the councils area.”
Please would you explain to me, if the effects on communities are so significant, why are those residents within those communities not being included in any debate, or discussion on the 7th March. 
As you are Head of Democratic Services and Law, I would like you to explain to me, in detail, what your definition of ‘Democratic Services’ actually means.
I look forward to your response in the morning (6th March 2017).
Les Barratt. Vice Chair, Monks Horton Parish Meeting.

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