Transparency – SDC take note

Dear Residents,

In line with our policy of total transparency and following up on our last post: ‘The Worm is turning’, we are posting an email conversation between a long standing Sellindge Resident and County Councillor, Susan Carey. Strong language indeed from our Resident but totally warranted if you consider the deplorable way in which Shepway DC treats us all. If you are in any doubt as to the validity of our Residents email, why not contact Ms Carey this (Sunday) evening; She clearly states it’s a good time to ring her.

If you have an email conversation in a similar vein, we’d love to hear from you.

Dear Susan Carey,

I read at the end of your monthly article that you mentioned that you had been pleased to serve such a beautiful part of the country, but we know that you are hell bent to ruining the area of Sellindge, Stanford, Lympne ,Otterpool and Princes Parade. Why?…. I used to take my grand children to the existing pool and the council failed to keep it clean and the changing rooms were a disgrace so we stopped going.

The same thing will happen in Princes Parade and the developer will fail to build ‘affordable housing’ like they did at Imperial Green. Wake up before SDC ruin a beautiful place that we can all enjoy. It is unique. We are fed up with all the lies and closed meetings.

Many people who have lived here for years and newcomers are dismayed that SDC turn deaf ears to all our pleas.

Yours Sincerely

Sellindge Resident.

Dear Sellindge Resident,

I do listen to you but I don’t agree with your view on Otterpool Park.  We need more homes and I believe a better way to provide them is to have a planned new town like Letchworth, Kings Hill or Poundbury.  These are beautiful places with green spaces.

Kind Regards,

Susan Carey

Member for Elham Valley, Kent County Council

District Councillor, North Downs West, Shepway District Council.

Ms Susan Carey is standing for re-election on the 4th May.


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