Forget the politics, we are all Shepway resident.

Dear Residents,

We were more than pleased to accept an invitation as guest speakers at the local Labour party meeting at the Stade Court Hotel in Hythe today to update members on the proposed Otterpool Park New Town situation. Also in attendance was Lesley Whybrow speaking on behalf of the Save Princes Parade group.

The turnout was great, culminating with questions from the floor.

There can be no shadow of a doubt that the common theme that runs through the whole of Shepway is no matter what political persuasion residents are, we are all singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to our rotten Council in terms of lack of transparency and lack of consultation when it comes to developments across Shepway.

Last year we formed alliances with various like minded groups in the Shepway area, going from strength to strength in terms of people power. At last our message is getting out there:

If you’re a Shepway Councillor, irrespective of your political allegiance, and you push against our views, choosing not to represent us, towing the line of your party, your days are numbered.

Information sharing is the key to building our numbers. Today, we hope that our message has hit a chord with 750 Labour party members and look forward to further engaging with them, and others, in terms of realising democracy across our communities.

Finally we would like to thank Aaron Roche, Vice Chair (membership) Folkestone and Hythe Constituency Labour Party, for inviting us along to listen to what we’re about and look forward to meeting up, in whatever form, in the very near future.

Les Barratt. Co Chairman, S&DRA.

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