Your opinions and thoughts do matter. Don’t keep them to yourselves.

FHDC planning has said that the date for comments has been extended beyond the date set by the minimum statutory requirement.  They say….

“Please make any comments by 27 May 2019. Failure to respond to this date may jeopardise the chances of your comments being considered in determining this application.”

That date has now passed and hopefully you will have made your views known to FHDC planners.

But we also know that this is a very complicated and enormous proposal.  You might think of something else you wish you had said about it; you might read something another resident has said and want to add to that.

Just because the date has passed does not mean that that is an end to it.  It is very likely that further information will be added to the submission documents, and that those will have to be put out for public consultation on their own account.

If you want to add something keep on sending your comments in.  

Or if you missed the ‘deadline’ for some reason still send your comments in.  

Keep on writing.

Let them ignore you at their peril.

For commenting on the outline planning application Y19/0257/FH for Otterpool Park the email addresses to use are …..

For more general questions and enquiries you could try emailing these two addresses…

A thought here is that the planning department will not enter into a correspondence with you from your comments on the application, but the promoters of the scheme might do.

Certainly they are both inviting questions about the development. Try not to disappoint them!

Pillory Barn

If you have a question or would like to learn more about the development and masterplanning process, please contact our marketing partner Pillory Barn on 01622 684407 or email

Pillory Barn is a Public Relations company employed to handle marketing/PR for the project. (They were filming at the two latest events. Have a look on their website to get an idea of what they do.) )

Folkestone & Hythe District Council offers this:-

Any comments or questions should be emailed to:

Whatever you send in, please remember to copy your comments to us at

It really does help us to know what you have to say about this, and what is important to you. If there are things you like about it we need to know that too.  

Keep on writing! Otterpool Park is a 30 year long project! They’ll have plenty of time to read your comments. 


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