As the OTTERPOOL NEW TOWN junk sails along into the dystopian distance, another twist has raised an issue that we should all be extremely concerned about.

Following the purchase of The Lympne Airfield by Homes England from an offshore company, thereby saying goodbye to another wedge of taxpayer’s hard earned money to an offshore tax haven, an offer has been set out to the Residents of Lympne that, some would say, sticks the boot in even further. Even if you’re not a Lympne Resident, this concerns each and everyone of us in the Shepway area.

Lympne airfield

With the threat of 30,000 people moving into the area, in addition to the homes in the local plan (34,000 people), the crumbling infrastructure, including the NHS, will not be able to cope. It is vital that we all make the effort to attend this meeting.

Your communities, your future. Come along and have your say. Lympne village hall – 17th September at 7.30pm



One thought on “PUBLIC MEETING LYMPNE VILLAGE HALL. 17th September. 7.30PM.

  1. The latest from Horn Street is that the new St.Martin’s Plain development is joined up to the storm drain system,not the sewage system. A sewage truck makes regular appearances to empty out the drains. I suspect that Southern Water have stopped the site using the drains.
    We had teams from the water company checking drains here, downstream of the new development, a couple of months ago. When asked,they said that someone’s sewage was emerging via storm drains into the stream at the end of our road. They also said that once identified,the person or persons responsible would be denied access to the system until a fix was in place. I wonder if this is what is happening.
    I hope some fines are forthcoming.
    When all of this was mooted, we did question the overall capacity of the drainage system to cope. This is not what we had in mind.


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