With our so-called representatives hell bent on turning our rural communities into a dystopian urban sprawl, David Plumstead has reacted to an article posted in this months Lympne Parish Council’s Newsletter:

“I have read of Lympne Parish Council’s meeting with Homes England (the Government) whose weasel worded proposal for Lympne Airfield has to be dumped straight back in its lap along with the message ‘Pull the other one it’s got bells on!’

It is vital that everyone opposed to David Monk, Susan Carey, Jennifer Hollingsbee, Damian Collins and Shepway Council’s chaotic, unworkable and patently unsustainable plans for an Otterpool Newtown and equally boneheaded proposals from MPs Collins and Charlie Elphicke for dealing with the horrendous HGV, van and car traffic problems and air pollution that would ensue, understands that they are part of a scheme which relies on the social, physical and environmental destruction of Lympne, its village and historic Airfield and the communities of Sellindge, Newingreen, Westenhanger and West Hythe. Stanford and Aldington would also suffer directly and indirectly

All to satisfy the greed and myopic drive for power of a handful of extremely selfish and self-regarding individuals who have no right to be holding public office.

Within this can of worms the Airfield is our little boy with his finger in the dyke and party pooper to those named above and their grand Otterpool design.

The Friends of Lympne Airfield Association, The Shepway Environment and Community Network and the NO Otterpool Newtown Coalition are 100% opposed to any move that chisels away at the Airfield which must be conserved as it is. Giving any ground, even a few square yards there would inevitably lead to the loss of not just the rest of the Airfield but the villages and communities of Lympne, Sellindge, Newingreen, Westenhanger and West Hythe and we will continue to campaign implacably on that premiss.

Were we to find ourselves in opposition in that regard to our own Parish Council it would signal to Homes England (The Government/ Damian Collins/David Monk/Susan Carey and Jennifer Hollingsbee et al) in letters 10ft tall that the only course of action open to them given the overwhelming community opposition to the Newtown plan is ‘Divide and Rule’.

David Plumstead”

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