Have your say on the Lorry Park. Part 2.

If you haven’t been along to a Highways England, Lorry Park consultation yet, they have now ended, but don’t despair. You can still make your views be known by taking the online survey, but it will end on the 22nd July. The online survey is relatively simple but if you need guidance, a copy of David Plumsteads’ (The Shepway Environment and Community Network) survey form is set out below. Needless to say, our views are mirrored by David’s. Here are the relevant questions and answers.:

6 Are you responding on behalf of an organisation? (optional) Yes

7 If yes, please provide details of the organisation The Shepway Environment and Community Network a non-party political voluntary group of which I am the coordinator.

8 How often do you travel on the M20/A20?  Weekly

9 How often do you travel on the M2/A2?  Rarely

10 For what reasons do you travel on the M20/A20 and/or M2/A2? (Please tick all boxes that apply). Local resident

11 How does traffic congestion caused by an activation of Operation Stack during periods of cross-Channel disruption affect you? (Please tick all boxes that apply). As a local resident, As a local road user, As a motorway user

12 Operation Stack addresses congestion caused by lorries during periods of cross-Channel disruption. To what extent, do you agree or disagree with the need for an alternative solution? Strongly agree

13 To what extent do you agree, or disagree, with the idea of developing a lorry holding area solution that reduces the need to activate Operation Stack during periods of cross-Channel disruption? Strongly disagree

14 Taking account of the identified benefits and disadvantages set out in the brochure, do you have a preference for any of the following lorry holding area solutions? I don’t agree with lorry holding areas

15 Where do you think that any new lorry holding areas should be located? (Please tick as many as appropriate). I don’t agree with lorry holding areas

16 If you agree with a lorry holding area solution, do you have specific suggestions about where lorry holding areas could be located? If yes, please provide details below. : N/A

17 How serious a problem is illegal or inappropriate lorry parking in Kent? Serious problem

18 To what extent do you agree, or disagree, with the need to provide more everyday 24-hour lorry parking facilities in Kent? Strongly disagree

19 Where should any additional lorry parking for everyday 24-hour use be provided? (Please tick all boxes that apply). I don’t agree with lorry holding areas

20 Did you attend a public information exhibition? No

21 If you attended an exhibition, please specify the location or locations attended. (Please tick all boxes that apply).

22 How did you hear about this public information exercise? Local community group

23 How helpful have you found our public information exercise at explaining the existing traffic issues and our proposed approach to address them? Helpful

24 Do you have any further comments about this public information exercise? : Yes. It amounts to public misinformation. Throughout this Questionnaire – you, Highways England – have been addressing the symptoms resulting in our overcrowded road network and have failed to confront the disease. Since starting to campaign against the expansion of road capacity in 1987 we have steadfastly maintained that doing so simply encourages and results in greater and greater volumes of road traffic – cars and trucks. Unless and until the absurd political oxymoronical mantra requiring the ‘need for economic development’ to qualify every pronouncement on ‘sustainability’ is jettisoned, every new mile of roadway will continue instantly to be taken up by cars and trucks, road traffic will everlastingly be subject to Operation Stack conditions and there will be no ‘sustainability’. In our society wedded to everlasting economic development, only a catastrophic collapse in air quality and far more serious loss of natural environmental health on which we all depend for our existence will halt the proliferation of cars and trucks. Human beings have yet to develop the capacity to eat, drink and breath money.

David Plumstead 6th July 2018

25 Is there anything else you want us to take into account.

Yes. The negative effect of society’s and Government’s collective irresponsible behaviour towards the statutory/legal requirement and absolute necessity to reduce emissions of C02 and other compounds.’ Politicians are renowned for a preference to ignore the elephant in the room and successive Governments fixated on the outcome of the next general election and the retention of power are able only to repeat the quote ‘Its the economy, stupid!

Please go online and take the survey here:


If you don’t take the time or trouble to allocate 10 minutes of your time to fill out the survey, you could end up with the worlds biggest Lorry Park on your doorstep. You have been warned.


Editors note: For those of you who think that a 3,600 truck Lorry Park would cure the problem of congestion on the M20 at times of French Ferry Operators strike or inclement weather, think again (including you Mr. Damian Collins MP and Councillor Jenny Hollingsbee). In the summer of 2015 there were 9,000 lorries stacked on the M20. If the proposed lorry park was full at Stanford West, there would be 5,400 stacked on the M20. Moreover, Junction 11 would be closed due to the 2 Km slip road rule, thereby making travelling in the locality worse, a lot worse. Get those thinking caps on.



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