Lorry Park and Otterpool Update

Next Thursday, 11th January, there will be a coming together of the Shepway District & Parish Councils’ Joint Committee. Items 7 and 8 will be of interest to us all: Otterpool and Lorry Park Update respectively. Much has passed under the bridge since Parish Councils met with the District Council, chaired by Leader Monk on 7th June, 2016. You may recall that this is where 27 Parish Councillors voted on whether it was a good idea to build a New Town in the Otterpool area. A resounding NO was the answer to the District Council, but still Leader Monk has pushed ahead with the utopian dream of a 12,000 dwelling commuter housing estate. Moreover, on the 8th August, Leader Monk lied on a BBC radio station stating that the opposite was true, intimating that all Parish Councillors were supportive of the New Town being built.  It will be interesting to see how this item pans out on the night.

The Lorry Park was a victory for us all. Our beloved MP Damian Collins, along with his chum, Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke (still being investigated by Police) ended up with egg on their faces after being told that their insistence on pushing ahead at pace had cost them dearly in riding roughshod over EIA procedure. The Westenhanger Castle Judicial review was a godsend in stopping this hideous, unworkable scheme in its tracks. Well done Westenhanger Castle and its Legal Team. Let’s not forget the role of SOS Kent and Stanford Parish Council in orchestrating this achievement. We understand that a meeting will be taking place this Wednesday, 10th January to extend the Stop 24 Lorry Parking area. No doubt we will be updated the following evening.

The meeting will begin at 7pm in the Middleburg Room. Shepway District Council, Civic Centre. Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone. It has been confirmed by SDC that this is an open meeting, whereby the public may attend. Please click on the link below for further information. 



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