Government egged on to scrap Lorry Park.

Almost two weeks ago we were told by our contacts that the proposed Stanford West Lorry Park would be abandoned, but less than a week ago dear old Charlie and Damian were still drivelling on about building a lorry park at pace. Didn’t their seniors tell them that they were wasting their breath!! Not being ones for counting our chickens eggs before they hatched, we kept shtum, albeit sharing with our with our friends at SOS Kent and allied groups.

You may remember that the idea of building the worlds biggest lorry park in Stanford was purely a political knee jerk reaction to the 32 days of operation stack in the Summer of 2015, caused by a Ferry worker’s strike in France, and compounded by Migrant incursions. Since then, the M20 hasn’t seen one day of stack. Our glorious, so called, MP Damian Collins lobbied the then Chancellor, George Osborne to cough up £250,000,000 to build a super sized Lorry Park without even carrying out a feasibility study. Well, Highways England (HE) went along with the charade and carried out community Consultations as a tick-a-box exercise to demonstrate that democracy is in play. It wasn’t  long after that that HE realised that the worlds biggest lorry park would never, ever solve stack, but our MP Damian Collins, along with Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke (aka Halfwit) insisted that the Lorry Park must be built at pace to keep traffic moving. S&DRA, SOS Kent, SECN and ‘Save Princes Parade’ pointed out that Stack could not, and would not be solved by a super sized Lorry Park. for the following reasons, in language that the above mentioned MP’s will understand:

  1. Too many Lorries using the road. The Lorry Park would fill up in less than 16 hours at the current freight flow rate.
  2. Junction 11 will be closed, blocking local traffic journeys. This is in response to the 2km rule between slip roads.
  3. A 40 mph speed limit would cause tailbacks to Maidstone and beyond.
  4. The nearside lane would be blocked with queuing lorries to enter the lorry park.
  5. The fact that lorries would have to enter the lorry park to stop queue jumping when the Lorry park is being emptied, means that the Lorry park would never empty given that almost 6,000 Lorries each day travel coast bound.
  6. A foul drainage system to serve the site would be out of the question because sewer capacity downstream is limited. Portaloo’s would have to be installed and serviced for circa 5000 people.
  7. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will not allow drivers to sleep in their cabs. There were no plans for a Motel/Hotel on the site to accommodate up to 5000 people.
  8. HE finally admitted that a Lorry Park would not be the right solution to deal with Port closures.

The list is almost endless but we’re sure that that would be enough for you, Damian and Charlie, to be going on with.

So there you have it Damian and Charlie. If the lorry park had been built and found to be an almighty cock up, which undoubtedly it would have been, just imagine the embarrassment that you would have felt. Isn’t it better to admit at this stage that you both have egg on your faces and move on.

egg Damian Collinsegg Charlie Elphicke

Charlie and Damian: Shelling out for a Lorry Park would have been a complete waste of taxpayers money. Would that have worried you? Or is that a sacrifice that you would have gladly shouldered as apparatchiks, to climb the political ladder. Moreover, the Residents lives living adjacent to the lorry Park would have been turned upside down, not to mention the pollution: Air, Noise, Light.

Knowing the self serving individuals above, they will have further plans to screw this part of Kent. We, our band of Brothers and Sisters, will be ready for them. In the meantime, we would respectfully ask that they go back to from whence they came and never show their smarmy faces here again in East Kent.

No apologies for the chicken and egg puns, or the anger felt by us all.




4 thoughts on “Government egged on to scrap Lorry Park.

  1. The government stated clearly that they could not win in a review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study, yet Damien Collins is still saying that Stanford could end of being used as the site for a Lorry Park. Why is Damien so he’ll bent on blighting the lives of the various villages surrounding this site? It’s almost as if he has a vested interest, or a personal grudge against us. I wonder which?

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    1. Hello Doug,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. S&DRA actually got the image wrong. Dear Damian should be wearing two eggs instead of the one. Why? Because he never listens to his electorate. At the time of the HE phoney consultations, Residents were calling for a EIA proper. In his haste, to continue at pace, Damian tried to steam roller through the Lorry Park and in doing so he tripped up, thinking that the Stanford Residents would be a pushover and never consider a Judicial Review. He now blames DfT for not following correct procedure in not carrying out an EIA. So, let’s state what we all know: Damian has the Highway planning skills of a Hedgehog, blaming others for his arrogance and incompetence. Power to Stanford and environs.

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  2. I think he was hoping to “look big”” on his way up the greasy pole to government, he was hoping he would be the one who solved the problem of Operation Stack! He couldn’t give a damn about anyone else who gets trodden on in his quest for his career ambitions to come true.
    Now he has egg on his face, he would have been better thought of if he just came clean and admitted that he was wrong, and indeed it was very wrong of him to spend an unnecessary £15 million of hard working tax payers money on “Damian’s Folly”. Non so blind as those who cannot see.

    Will there be an inquiry into the waste of public money? No, didn’t think so.

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    1. Hello Margaret,

      You’re not the only Resident that feels this way about dear Damian. Did you really say that he should ‘Come clean and admit that he was wrong’? Come on, knowing our MP the way that we do, do you really think has that level of humility? We know him to be riding on the back of the default Conservative vote, caring little for this part of East Kent, trashing it on his way, as you so described; on his way up the greasy pole. Consider this; if he stood as an Independent, neutral onlookers would be wondering why DC has suddenly changed his name to NEAL PWAR, (as they say at Eurovision). Yes, he is a joke.

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