Dear Residents,

The farce continues.

We are all being treated to another round of sham consultations organised by the Monk Cabal, aka Folkestone and Hythe District Council alongside his well paid consultants.

Thursday, 16 May, 2pm to 7.30pm, at Westenhanger Castle, Stone Street, Hythe, CT21 4HX

Friday, 17 May, 2pm to 7.30pm, at the Channel Suite, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, CT20 2DZ

The Otterpool Park New Town super tanker has been slowed recently by the torpedo from Central Government pulling the plug on the Housing Infrastructure fund of £281,000,000, leaving the Council open mouthed and red faced. Could it be that Mr. Monk is relying upon his rich co developer, Cozumel (Offshore) Estates, aka The Reuben Brothers, to cough up the dosh?  They may just be able to afford it with their worth to be £18.664bn according to the recently published ‘Rich List’. The Sunday Times ranked The Reuben Brothers at number 2 in the official ‘Rich list.’

The fact remains that this Government supported Garden Town notion is meant to be community led. We have never been asked if we wanted it, in fact, 27 Parish Councillors told FHDC that they didn’t want it almost 3 years ago and still the Council pushed on against democracy.

This is your chance, once again, to tell them what they can do with their new town. Ask the question: Why weren’t we asked if we wanted a massive housing estate linking our villages. Why have you pushed ahead with it with less than 3% support.

If you’re asked to comment on paper, write: Not required, not wanted. We already have 14,560 homes for local people in the pipeline. We do not need any more. These are only our suggestions. Please say and write what you feel.

See you there.




  1. Hi. My sister and I went to the open day on Friday and read all the rubbish on their promotional boards. We were then interviewed by someone from the local paper and I expect our views may be in the paper next week. We would like to get more involved in trying to prevent this development as it’s absolutely far too large to be sustainable for this area.


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