Dear Residents,

One of our residents has recently brought to our attention a communication from Ms Lisa Flounders which we think is unhelpful and bordering on dismissive. It relates to the ‘Community engagement’ in early December where Cozumel Estates (Reuben Brothers), held a 3 day, 4 venue event to introduce local residents to the notion of having a new town on our doorstep and how advantageous it would be to us all.

Here’s the email thread:

Dear Ms Flounders

There has not, to my knowledge, been any published information regarding the public reaction to the above presentations. Could you please advise me what level of support for the Otterpool Garden town scheme was indicated by the public meetings. I look forward to hearing from you.

Resident of Lympne

Dear Mrs xxxxxxx

Many thanks for your email.

We’ll be coming back again to the public this spring with further details, following the sessions in December.

Best wishes

Lisa Flounders.

Dr Ms Flounders,

Thank you for your email but you have not answered my question. Please let me know what level of
support for Otterpool was shown at the above meetings

Kind regards

Resident of Lympne


Dear Mrs xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your email, I’ll be sure to contact you when this information is available.

Best wishes,

Lisa Flounders.

Judging by the response of Ms Flounders, one would assume that she possesses an insouciant quality that is far from being admired.

Her contact details: 01483 561119 or otterpoolpark@housegroup.co.uk or info@housegroup.co.uk. We’re sure that Ms Flounders would love to hear from residents expressing their concerns that evidence of support for the New Town is being withheld. Why not contact her and ask the reason why?

Considering that the ‘Community engagement’ was on the 8th, 9th and 10th December last year we would have thought that there would have been enough time between then and now to publish the findings of the so called Community engagement.
Ms Flounders actually works for a company based in the Guilford area (so much for local companies being used by SDC) called Property housemarketing. Acting as an agent for SDC, could it be that SDC has yet to communicate with Ms Flounders?

On a previous post we presented our own findings as residents entered and left the so called ‘Community engagements: In percentage terms, the support for building a New Town within our communities totalled (wait for it)…………….1.5%. Was this the silent majority that our Caribbean suntanned (more on that to come) Deputy leader and Councillor Jenny Hollingsbee told us was supporting the Otterpool New Town notion?

It would come as no surprise to us all that the requested information is being held back for fear of rocking the proposed ‘New Town’ boat. Moreover, it was only two weeks ago that Leader of SDC, David Monk said in a press article that the Community engagements would START in March of this year. Disregarding events and information seems to be a habit that Cllr Monk finds it very difficult to break.

It was also David Monk that told a great untruth on BBC radio last year intimating that the Council had the full support of 27 Parish Councillors for the New Town at a meeting on 7th June 2016 when in actual fact the opposite was true.

David Monk, Leader of Shepway District Council. If our information is correct, he will be standing as a candidate in the forthcoming County Council election on 4th May in one of the Folkestone wards. We would have liked to present a list of his qualities as our District Council Leader but alas, we just can’t think of any. We say that, but none that are actually printable. We’ll leave it there for now.


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