Dear Residents,

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic it’s heartening to see that local Parishes are taking the lead in offering local help for local people. Here is just one example of the Parish of Monks Horton taking the initiative and providing a community help line to ease the stress on our elderley and most vulnerable.


Monks Horton Parish Meeting.

Supporting our local commmunity through the Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency.

Dear Residents of Monks Horton,


I imagine that each of us is aware of the dreadful Coronavirus COVID-19 that is having such a drastic and tragic impact on almost every country in the World at the moment. The purpose of this message is not to repeat the information nor advice that is available from many official sources but to see what we can do as good neighbours to support each other and to provide
practical help if needed.
Based on the Government advice of today (Tuesday 17 March 2020) it is clear that some members of our community will need to spend at least one or two weeks in social isolation at home and our older, vulnerable and pregnant residents may soon be advised to stay at home and to avoid all social contact for possibly at least 12 weeks. Such limitations on human contact may lead to practical needs, social isolation and emotional upset.

What some of us can do.

We should each try to be conscious of our neighbours’ situations, being particularly aware of those who may be more vulnerable and we should think about whether we are able to offer them any support. Such support could be, for instance:
• making contact with them by a phone call, regularly or now and again: “Hello, how are you – is there anything that you need?”
• perhaps leaving items of medication or shopping on the doorstep,
• or posting their mail.
Such simple acts of thoughtfulness and kindness can make all the difference and can be done
without putting either party at risk. Remember, sadly, this activity may need to continue for some months – it is a long time for people to have no social contact or to feel isolated and lonely.
If each of us is able to make contact in the next day or so with our nearby neighbours, sharing phone numbers and perhaps email addresses, we can get a practical support plan in place in good time as Government introduces these measures. Please see the attached forms.
It would be a sensible idea, where there are clusters of homes, perhaps to agree that one person volunteers to co-ordinate the contact arrangements, trying to make sure that no-one is forgotten.

Useful contacts

Listed below are a number of organisations that are also able to offer assistance in what is going to be a difficult and challenging few weeks.

NHS 111 – Telephone 111 or visit the website

Age UK Hythe and Lyminge – 63 Station Rd, Lyminge, Folkestone CT18 8HQ Telephone 01303 269602 – or email

The Silver Line – the helpline for older people
Call them ANYTIME on: 0800 4 70 80 90 or visit the website

The Silver Line is a free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They have a page on Coronavirus advice.

Government website

Please, try to help. If you have any other ideas about how the community could support itself please contact me Donald Broad Chairman, Monks Horton Parish Meeting 01303 814169.

Many elderley or vulnerable people may be reluctant to answer the door during these most extraordinary times. May we suggest a simple note through the door similar to the one noted here:

Hello Neighbour…

My name is.. 

I live nearby at…
My phone number is…
My email…
If you would like me to keep in touch with you over the coming weeks of isolation due to the Coronavirus emergency please phone me and let me have your telephone number. You are not alone.


As for the selfish idiots queing outside supermarkets and stripping the shelves of near everything, our prayers will be for you and your greedy friends, acquaintances and accomplices tonight.

Take good care and may your God go with you.



  1. Does anyone know if Sellindge Co op delivers groceries to vulnerable households. The reason I ask is that I am 80 have cancer and am diabetic and my wife is 70 and struggling with a heart condition. We cannot get a slot on any of the major supermarkets online orders/deliveries and have resorted to our neighbours for help- and they have been bril. One of them is struggling with latent chest complaint and we are not sure how much longer she can help us so we are gonna be struggling to get food in a couple of weeks. So you can see why we are wondering about the COOP which is half a mile from where we live in Sellindge?
    Tony & Barbara Roberts


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